The Truth Is Out: Here’s How Sen. Josh Hawley Plans To Prevent Chinese Farmland Ownership In The US

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 As Americans, we have come to understand that allowing a rival nation to gain an advantage over us is always a risk, and one that should be avoided no matter the cost. Sadly, this isn’t a concept that many democrats appear to recognize; it’s as if they’re almost actively seeking out ways for foreign competitors like China to overtake America. 

On Tuesday, Sen. Josh Hawley announced major legislation intended to protect the American landscape from foreign influence. His proposed bill would ban Chinese corporations from owning farmland in the U.S., an effort to prevent foreign industrial interests from collecting any resources or controlling the market. Pretty common sense agenda right? Yet others might be more critical of his measures as they feel his approach is too excessive and anti-china.

Breitbart reports,

On Tuesday, Sen. Josh Hawley announced he would introduce legislation banning Chinese corporations from owning American farmland.

Scripps News reported on just how crucial farming is to America and how much of our land China owns

Hawley’s announcement to ban Chinese corporations from owning American farmland comes after a Chinese spy balloon flew over the continental United States for days – which has sparked a renewed push from conservatives.

The Republican senator tweeted, “What is abundantly clear after Biden’s Chinese spying debacle is that no Chinese corporation should be permitted to own American farmland. I’m introducing legislation to stop it. Protect American farmers,”

After news broke about the Chinese spy balloon last Friday, South Dakota Gov. In addition, Kristi Noem (R) called for legislation to be passed banning the Chinese Communist Party from purchasing land in South Dakota.

She said, “Now more than ever, states need to step up and defend our people from the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party. This is exactly why we need to pass SB 185 and SB 189.”

The governor’s proposal, which is supported by both the State House and State Senate, would establish a state-level version of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to review and block foreign land purchases..

When it comes to considering allowing our number one enemies on our soil to benefit from us, there really shouldn’t even be a debate. It is beyond naivety, and instead is an absurd foreign policy move. It directly goes against what we stand for as a nation and is doomed from the start. Furthermore, if we were in the same position but reversed– would China be offering America these benefits? I think we can individually answer that question.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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