Breaking News: US Navy Teams ‘Involved’ In Blowing Up Nord Stream Pipelines – What Could This Mean?

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 A new bombshell report from Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersch alleges that specialized U.S. Navy diving teams are responsible for sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines in an effort to raise tensions, thwarting the Biden administration’s claims of pursuing peace. 

It is alarmingly evident that Biden’s foreign policy has failed miserably and that he lied to the American people when he promised no warmongering or interference with other countries’ interests. 

Townhall reports. According to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersch, US Navy diving teams blew up the underwater Nord Stream pipelines that supplied Russian gas to Western Europe.

Despite U.S. officials claiming the report is “completely and utterly false,” Hersch says his source has “direct knowledge of the operational planning.”


According to him, the plot was ordered by the White House. According to a source with direct knowledge of the operational planning, Navy divers planted remotely triggered explosives in June under the cover of a widely publicized NATO exercise known as BALTOPS 22, which three months later destroyed three of the four Nord Stream pipelines.

German and Western Europe had been receiving cheap Russian natural gas from the Nord Stream 1 pipelines for over a decade. A second pair of pipelines, Nord Stream 2, had been built but had not yet been operational. As Russian troops mass on the Ukrainian border and the bloodiest war in Europe since 1945 loomed, President Biden saw the pipelines as a means for Vladimir Putin to weaponize natural gas.

The Biden White House famously stated that they would end the Nord Stream pipeline if Russia attacked.

The Pentagon was quick to utterly dispute Hersch’s report as false.

A U.S. investigative journalist’s blog post alleging the United States was behind the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions was dismissed by the White House as “utterly false and complete fiction.”

Adrienne Watson, a spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, called the story “utterly false and complete fiction.” CIA and State Department spokespeople confirmed this.

A retired Navy Seal took to fox news to talk about the alleged attack.

The bombshell report by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersch implies that the US, under President Biden’s leadership, has opted for a warmongering approach through the use of military force. That U.S. Navy teams were secretly deployed to sabotage the Nord Stream pipelines, which were providing a vital energy supply to Germany and Western Europe, is indicative of biden’s failure to de escalate international tensions. This the latest example of how far the military industrial complex’s power reaches and biden’s blatant lies about peacekeeping. It is time for Biden to wake up and realize foreign warmongering only leads to more destruction and greater instability across much of the world.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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