Surprise Attack? Jet Pilots Stunned by UFO’s as White House Refuses To Categorize Crafts Sot Down

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What is going on? Chinese advance strike recon? Alien invasion? These things can no longer be relegated to sci-fi movies and nonsense; mysterious objects have been sighted in the skies above Alaska, North America, and Canada. In just 10 days alone, as these bombshell reports show, three unidentified objects have prompted baffled pilots to take action with crafts that interfered with their military sensors. What’s more, the White House has refused to identify or categorize these crafts – leaving millions of people around the world wondering what could possibly be flying in our airspace without any acknowledgement nor known purpose. It’s time for definitive answers!

Reports of unidentified flying objects being shot down by US fighters are becoming increasingly frequent, prompting speculation over what is really going on. In a recent incident, pilots were baffled after being forced to shoot down an unidentified object that was interfering with their sensors. The Pentagon has denied any connection to the Chinese spy balloon downed a few days prior, claiming the objects are “apples and oranges”. With rumors swirling about the nature of these mysterious objects, it’s no surprise people are asking questions. Are we facing a new phenomenon or is there something else behind this activity? What can we do to protect ourselves from potential threats? It may very well be time to start paying attention.

Breitbart reports. “An unidentified object violated Canadian airspace” was shot down by an American jet following an order from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

An unidentified object was shot down over territorial waters off Alaska’s coast Friday By NORAD, and a Chinese spy balloon was shot down a week ago by U.S. forces.

Another unidentified flying object was shot down over Lake Huron in Michigan by the U.S. military on Sunday. 

North America saw its fourth “unidentified object” shot down in as many days since Feb. 4.

Daily Mail reports. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was contradicted by White House officials on Sunday after he claimed the unidentified objects were balloons.

President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan briefed the Senate Majority Leader on Saturday night about the incidents.

It follows the shooting down of a suspected Chinese spy balloon last weekend off the coast of South Carolina.

However, a spokesperson for the National Security Council said the latest objects didn’t closely resemble the surveillance devices.

Bloomberg reports that the Biden administration will not definitively call them balloons until the debris is recovered.

Adding to the Biden team’s woes, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre went on MSNBC to address some of these questions on Sunday. We can safely say it did not go well. If you can’t even pronounce our neighbor to the north and stumble over what NORAD is, then maybe there’s something wrong. It’s not good.

I think I’ll leave you with this meme because if you really believe this is an alien invasion, then you are in real trouble, considering you haven’t learned anything in these two years.

We are in the midst of a mysterious and potentially disturbing event – unidentified objects have been spotted flying through our skies in three separate events across North America and Canada. We can no longer confine these alien-like sightings to sci-fi movies. Pilots have taken action, military sensors have been interfered with, but the White House hasn’t even acknowledged this as an issue. We need answers right now! We all need to be paying close attention and be prepared for whatever comes next. If the Chinese are conducting advance strikes or not, if aliens are invading or not – Who knows? We must stay alert and remember: It’s not just what we can see in the sky, it’s what we can’t see that should concern us most.

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