WORST Nightmare: Devastating New Ad Takes Aim at Joe Biden

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The recent controversies swirling around President Biden’s administration have led too many to ask if anyone has ever made such a mess out of a country in such a  short period of time? Few who were alive and old enough to remember Nixon could have ever imagined his presidency being overshadowed. Nixon can relax in his grave knowing he might end up being second worse.

In a major display of political criticism, Senator Rick Scott has released an ad calling for President Joe Biden to resign. His action comes in response to the President’s false statement regarding Republican intentions towards Social Security and Medicare outlined in his State of the Union address. This bold announcement follows months of partisan disagreements and puts into stark focus the deepening divide between Republicans and Democrats. The ad serves as a warning to democrats that misrepresenting facts will not be allowed to pass without consequence and may signify a further breakdown of bipartisanship. 

Town Hall reports, Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.) will air a scathing ad calling for President Joe Biden to resign. 

During his State of the Union address on Tuesday, Biden claimed that the GOP wants to “sunset” Social Security and Medicare.

On a Twitter post the Senator had this to say following the state of the union: @JoeBiden once again lies about Republicans trying to cut Social Security and Medicare. Here is my ad running tomorrow to welcome Joe to FL – he is a tax cheat and needs to resign

Defending Biden’s claim that Social Security or Medicare should be cut, Scott called him a “very confused president.”

He condemned D.C. Democrats for lying and putting the blame on Scott and Republicans for something they did.

The Senator said in his statement, “This is the kind of fake, gotcha BS that people hate about Washington. I’ve never advocated cutting Social Security or Medicare… I will not be intimidated by Joe Biden twisting my words. HOWEVER, Biden and Democrats did cut Medicare just last year. They lie about it and the liberal media covers for them. If they think they can shut me up or intimidate me by lying… I’m here for it… I’m ready to go. I will not be silenced by the Washington establishment.” 

Republicans recently have been taking a stand on certain issues and not following the traditional style like previous years. Mitch McConnell should be receiving criticism for his passive leadership style and lack of self defense, ignoring why he was elected in the first place, to represent people. Not sit there and pass time. We need leaders who fully understand their responsibilities and dedicate themselves to those responsibilities with fervor; not take a backseat approach. The shift in attitude is something that voters should embrace, these representatives should be working on our best interests and making sure they derive policy from what we deserve. It is an exciting time when people in power start listening to the people they represent.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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