30 Million At Risk in Ohio Apocalyptic Chem Disaster But Mayor Pete Worries About White People?

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Where the hell is Mayor Pete? While he’s been busy pointing fingers and raising Awareness on the issue of too many whites in construction, 30 million are at risk of a disastrous chemical catastrophe unfolding in Ohio. 

With catastrophic events such as train derailments ravaging communities and apocalyptic disasters claiming innocent lives, one has to wonder why Mayor Pete has chosen to remain silent on this pressing matter. If not from within the government, then who will take responsibility for confronting a disaster that Mayor Pete himself seems intent on ignoring? Where is the accountability? Where are the results? Where is Mayor Pete?!

Transportation Secretary Mayor Pete disgraced himself at the National Association of Counties Conference by choosing to use the time for cracking jokes and complaining about having too many white people in construction instead of addressing recent occurrences such as the Ohio train catastrophe.

As opposed to providing insight and solutions related to the fallout from this disaster, Mayor Pete decided to use his platform as a disgraced failure of a Transportation secretary and focus on scoring woke political points which had nothing to do with the event itself. His failure to address the Ohio tragedy will be remembered amongst those who were looking for answers when his speech should have been focused on solutions.

As a result of a train derailing in East Palestine, Ohio, the toxic chemical Vinyl Chloride has been released into the atmosphere, from at least five of the derailed tankers citing a risk of exploding, and pose a threat to 30 million people, or 10% of the United States’ population, but Mayor Pete is more concerned with “building a workforce that reflects the community.”

While Mayor Pete plays Diversity Cop toxic fumes fill the skies of Ohio.

And where exactly is the Transportation Secretary?
Oh yeah he’s busy cracking jokes because it’s an “exciting time for transportation.”

It’s such an exciting time for transportation that Mayor Pete probably thinks all the smoke in Ohio is from the local Railway Days celebration, but no Pete. They basically just NUKED the town.

It appears Sil Caggiano is doing more for that community than Mayor Pete grabbing photo ops to prove how woke he is.

Rep Andy Biggs reacted, “The recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio is nothing short of a tragedy. This is another transportation failure under Mayor Pete’s leadership. Where is he?”

Todd Man tweeted, “Has Mayor Pete figured out a way to blame the Ohio train derailment/chemical cloud catastrophe on racism yet?”

Logan Hall tweeted, “People wondering why mayor pete would ignore the ohio catastrophe while airing the regime’s racial grievances against white men fundamentally misunderstand mayor pete’s job. It was never about transportation. this is exactly what he was hired for.”

Meanwhile Officials are reporting another train derailment in Enoree, South Carolina that occurred on Monday afternoon.

And according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, in Texas, emergency crews responded to yet another train derailment along the Eastex Freeway in the Splendora area Monday morning.

As communities across Ohio burn with fear of a devastating chemical catastrophe, Mayor Pete remains silent in the face of tragedy while attending the National Association of Counties Conference. As he points fingers at “too many whites in construction,” millions of people are left questioning: where the hell is Mayor Pete? Instead of addressing and offering solutions to this potential disaster, Pete has decided to make light of the situation by cracking jokes instead. As residents battle against the flames, Mayor Pete only sees an exciting time for transportation. This blatant disregard for human life will not be forgotten as more hearts and homes are left broken in his wake.

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Next News Network Team

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