LOOK Why this Picture of Kari Lake at the Super Bowl Instantly Went VIRAL

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the center of attention? Kari Lake definitely does after a picture of her at the Super Bowl instantly went viral this week and caught everyone’s attention. Get ready for the story behind this moment, as we explore why just one picture made such an immense splash in such a short period of time.

During Super Bowl LVII (57) on Sunday, former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake remained seated while the “Black National Anthem” was played.

At the opening ceremonies of the game, actress and singer Sheryl Lee Ralph performed “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” referred to as the “black national anthem.”

The song was introduced by the NFL following George Floyd’s death in 2020.

During the championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, conservative journalist Benny Johnson tweeted: “The @NFL played two different ‘National Anthems’ tonight. Someone just sent me a photo of @KariLake sitting during the first one.”

On Twitter, the account of Lake’s campaign explained why she chose to sit.

Lake’s campaign tweeted, “Our girl is against the idea of a ‘black National Anthem’ for the same reason she’s against a ‘white National Anthem. She subscribes to the idea of ‘one Nation, under God.”

Lake herself also commented on the photo of her, tweeting, “I’m just here for THE National Anthem.”

There is no doubt that the song, a Christian hymn honoring Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, has noble origins. Its inclusion before pro football games, however, had nothing to do with noble intentions.

Citing a report by TIME Magazine, the Western Journal reports that the NFL introduced the song as a “black” national anthem in an effort to reaffirm its alignment with Black Lives Matter.

In an effort to represent those who feel “The Star-Spangled Banner” was racially biased, the “black national anthem” was added.

No matter what song they choose, designating something as a “national anthem” that represents only one racial group is divisive.

Kari Lake took a bold, yet powerful stand on Sunday when she remained seated during the performance of the “Black National Anthem” at the Super Bowl. As her campaign stated, Lake is against any divisive labels or special considerations for a people group that would create a situation of segregation. Lake’s silent protest of the song expressed the opinion of the silent majority that believes designating something as a “national anthem” that represents only one racial group is divisive. It is clear that Lake wanted to let everyone know that if we focus on our nationality as one united Nation, under God, there will be no need for separate national anthems.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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