Southwest Airlines: The Damage Control Dog Mission Nobody Asked For

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When it comes to scandal management, desperation isn’t a strategy. Unfortunately, it’s a lesson learned too late by those who have gone down trying- because desperate attempts to manipulate people only succeed in making matters worse. Trying and failing to sweep major scandals under the rug perpetuates the public outrage instead of dulling it.

outhwest Airlines recently posted a viral video on TikTok that was intended to distract viewers from the company’s more troubled past. The video featured a stuffed dog being left behind; however, the stunt backfired and resulted in massive criticism – rightly so. Instead of lightening up their public image, it seemed to only further hinder it and put negative attention onto the airline. It will be interesting to see how Southwest chooses to address this incident in an effort to restore what remains of their public reputation.

The New York Post reports, this video led to Southwest Airlines being grounded.

In a TikTok Friday, the troubled airline chronicled the adventures of a stuffed dog – appropriately named Dog Dog – that was left behind on a flight from Dallas and later returned to his owner.

Here’s a cute short recap of the story.

Over 600,000 people viewed this Tiktok, which has since been deleted.

Despite how cute the story was, adult customers who were still recovering from Southwest’s holiday chaos. Customers weren’t so quick to forgive or forget.

Despite the heartwarming video, angry passengers criticised the airline for thousands of cancellations in December, saying the company was “on damage control.”

Some of the comments read:

“I’m surprised the stuffed animal’s flight didn’t get canceled,” one comment read.

“That’s cool and all but y’all still left me stranded at the airport for three days,” read another.

Other users applauded the airline’s dedication to reuniting the dog and its owner.

It’s hard to find a heartless person who doesn’t think the story of Luna and her family isn’t incredibly sweet – and in that, we have to applaud them for doing such an act of kindness. However, when adults are involved, it’s difficult to believe that this situation wasn’t used as a publicity stunt with poor timing surrounding the past controversy. Although they aren’t completely to blame for the mess that occurred, many people are still rightfully feeling angry about what happened to them. Perhaps this will serve as a permanent reminder that customer care is everything in their business.

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Next News Network Team

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