ALERT: Trump Warns Of Unprecedented Attacks By Deep State As He Leads In Polls

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Warning bells are going off throughout America as reports emerge of a dangerous conspiracy by the Deep State to illegally attack President Trump and sabotage his success, even as polls show him far ahead of the competition. 

Trump has issued an urgent warning to the country regarding these unprecedented attempts to thwart his presidency, blasting Biden’s feeble campaign in the process. With warning signs mounting daily, citizens across the nation have begun to wonder whether the corrupt Deep State will manage to take down President Trump before it’s too late? Whatever happens next is sure to be one for history!

President Trump knows what’s coming and he is making sure his followers understand the urgency of this election season. He has called out and exposed the powerful yet hidden deep state who, he claims, is doing everything in their power to prevent Trump’s reelection. Trump warns that they are using illegal and unprecedented tactics to spread false statements about him with the end goal of helping Joe Biden or a “RINO” slip through the cracks. Trump makes it clear that their plan hinges entirely on damaging his standing in the polls, meaning we must all stand together in order to ensure Trump is victorious.

He posted this warning to Truth Social, “Doing great in poll numbers. Leading all Republicans by a lot, also leading Biden by a very wide margin, which means that our weaponized Injustice Department, local D.A.’s, and Attorney Generals, will step up their illegal and unprecedented attacks in order to disparage me with false “bull….” and statements in the hope that I will be damaged enough to allow a RINO, or Biden, to “slip through the cracks.” But be careful, the American people get it, and don’t like what they are seeing. MAGA!!!”

Breitbart reported that, just prior to the State of the Union address, former President Donald Trump had taken a three-point lead over current President Joe Biden in a nationwide survey from the Washington Post and ABC News. This marked a significant five-point swing for Trump when compared to the pollster’s last such survey in September. Although only one percent of those surveyed said they would vote for someone else, this survey suggests that some Americans are turning back toward Trump ahead of major events like the State of the Union which may reveal his impact even after leaving office.

It seems Trump still has a strong following—a Harvard-Harris poll revealed Trump is at a clear lead over Biden when looking ahead to 2024 at 46% versus 41%, with 13% undecided. As if Trump didn’t have enough of an edge, he also leads the Vice President Kamala Harris by even more with a large 8 point spread of 48 vs 40%, with 12% being unsure. Even with Trump no longer in office and two years away from the election, Trump must be wondering what could happen come 2024.

A recent GOP primary poll has all but confirmed the fate of Donald Trump’s Republican challengers: Trump has secured a massive lead over his competitors, comprising 49% of the polls. Trailing not too far behind comes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who takes 31%. After him comes Vice President Mike Pence at 7%, followed by former US Ambassador Nikki Haley with 3%. The remaining contenders take very slim shares—Ted Cruz, Liz Cheney and Governors Noem, Abbott, and T. Scott each garnering 1%, while Secretary Pompeo barely achieving 0.1% and Glenn Youngkin receiving absolutely no votes at all. It looks like Trump’s place in next year’s election is pretty much set in stone!

With Trump in a commanding lead in many polls and his warning to the nation loud and clear, Trump knows that the Deep State is making unprecedented attempts to take him down. His supporters can be sure that Trump is up to the challenge and will continue to crush it in all of these polls as a show of defiance against those who oppose him. Even after leaving office, Trump’s legacy will live on as he delivers crushing blow after crushing blow to Biden’s feeble campaign. Only time will tell if Trump truly manages to keep the corrupt Deep State at bay, but for now the only thing for certain is Trump is leading the way.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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