Breaking News: DeSantis Shuts Down Questions About 2024 Bid After Haley Launch

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In a stunning turn of events, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shut down questions about his future plans for the 2024 Presidential election following the launch of South Carolina EX-Governor Nikki Haley’s possible candidacy. Governor DeSantis refused to comment on this development and is keeping his game plan close to his chest. What does this mean for the 2024 race? Is Governor DeSantis planning to make a move later or not at all? It appears that only time will tell when it comes to Ron DeSantis’ potential bid for President in 2024.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) made it clear that he is not looking to run for President in 2024 when asked about the possibility on Tuesday. His response came in light of former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s announcement that she is running for the Republican nomination.

DeSantis, who has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, was asked by reporters whether his ambitions for the White House had changed since Haley’s announcement. He quickly dismissed the question with a laugh and said “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

The Florida Governor has become increasingly popular among Republicans in recent years due to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his strong support for Trump. He has also been praised for his fiscal policies, which have helped to boost the state’s economy.

However, despite his popularity among Republicans, DeSantis’ chances of winning a presidential nomination are slim due to the crowded field of potential candidates. In addition to Haley, other prominent Republicans such as former Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Ted Cruz have also expressed interest in running in 2024.

DeSantis’ response to questions about his presidential ambitions comes after former President Trump criticized him last month for allegedly trying to “rewrite history” regarding Florida’s handling of the pandemic. The two have had an icy relationship since then, with Trump recently saying that DeSantis is “trying very hard” to be seen as a potential candidate for president in 2024. While Trump endorsed DeSantis’s Gubernatorial candidacy, he has also criticized him publicly on several occasions. Most recently, reports surfaced that Trump has been referring to DeSantis as “Meatball Ron” in private conversations.

DeSantis has largely avoided engaging with Trump directly, but he did respond to past questions about a potential 2024 run by saying that he would “make a decision when the time comes.” He also dismissed questions about his relationship with Trump, saying that it was “irrelevant” to his decision-making process.

The recent reports of Trump’s nickname for DeSantis have only fueled speculation about a potential rivalry between them in the upcoming election. It remains to be seen if DeSantis will actually enter the race, but there is no doubt that they would make for an interesting matchup if they do decide to run against each other.

Despite their differences, it appears unlikely that DeSantis will challenge Trump in 2024. The Florida Governor has previously stated that he would support Trump if he were to run again and has praised him on numerous occasions.

Trump and DeSantis have very different political styles and ideologies, which could make for an intriguing primary battle if DeSantis decides to enter the race. On one hand, you have Trump who is known for his brash style and hardline stances on immigration and foreign policy issues. On the other hand, you have DeSantis who is seen as more moderate and pragmatic than Trump on many issues such as healthcare and taxes.

It remains unclear whether or not DeSantis will make a bid for president in 2024 but one thing is certain: it will be an interesting race no matter who ends up running. With so many potential candidates already expressing interest in running, it promises to be an exciting election season no matter what happens.

Nikki Haley’s recent announcement of a 2024 presidential run might have ruffled Governor DeSantis’s feathers, but The Donald ain’t sweating it – he still has aces up his sleeve when it comes to the game of politics. But you can’t help but think surely Ms. Haley is betting on the wrong horse here; Ron DeSantis may be taking a “burn-slow” approach, but rest assured Donald Trump isn’t fazed one bit. Call it an overconfident poker wager if you will, but from the looks of it Nikki Halley has ZERO chance when it comes to facing off with The Donald in a full house showdown. In due time we’ll just have to watch and see who plays their cards right and how this political poker game turns out.

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Next News Network Team

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