Rachel Maddow Gets DEVASTATING News as Big Change Leaves NBC Execs Worried

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Rachel Maddow recently announced that she will only host her show on MSNBC once a week and since then, the liberal anchor’s ratings have plummeted.

While Maddow is known for pushing a “woke agenda”, many have noted what appears to be a failed attempt at hosting a successful show and accused her of being nothing more than another liberal nut.

Conservative brief reports,

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow recently returned from a nearly two-month hiatus to reveal she will be taking more time off and only appearing once a week, to allow her time to pursue other projects. Maddow has since returned to the network on a new schedule. For now, she will only air one night per week to make time for other projects – and she just gave a big update on her plans.

Maddow hosts her own show only on Mondays, with Alex Wagner hosting the 9 PM ET show Tuesday through Friday. Executives are worried about the Maddow experiment because ratings have plummeted.

In the two weeks Wagner’s show has aired, 1.6 million viewers have watched it on average, while 2.6 million saw ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ when it aired on Mondays during that two-week period. Wagner shed over 30% of Maddow’s audience during that time period. There were also 241,000 viewers from the advertiser-coveted 25-to-54 age group for Maddow during that time, compared to 163,000 for Wagner. Additionally, Wagner has lost nearly 30% of viewers in the key demo, going from 183,000 in her debut to 112,000 in last Friday’s broadcast, falling from first to seventh among MSNBC offerings.

Essentially, Maddow is paid $30 million per year and only hosts her show once a week. The network is losing even more money due to her show’s tanking ratings.

When Rachel Maddow announced that she was taking more time off from the network, who could have guessed her new project.

Vanity Fair reports,

It was announced on April 11 that Maddow would be back on The Rachel Maddow Show four nights a week through the end of the month, and then, starting in May, she would be here weekly. Monday nights will be her night. The next act of Rachel Maddow was undeniable, even by her naysayers-and they are numerous. 

Maddow discussed the project that had consumed most of her bandwidth, a World War II-era historical-narrative podcast in the vein of Bag Man.

The podcast, scheduled to debut this fall, was her first pitch under the Surprise Inside umbrella. 

Maddow made a comment on her new podcast stating “It’s an American history, underappreciated story, that has resonance for all these things we’re dealing with today—the threat of authoritarianism and the question of whether or not criminal law is the appropriate venue, and has the right constitutional powers, to handle those kinds of threats. It’s about journalism and journalistic ethics, and the ability of powerful people to manipulate American systems.”

You can always count on Rachel Maddow to sink her show’s ratings and then attempt to rewrite history. The only thing you can do is sit back and wonder what kind of liberal garbage spin she will put out about one of the biggest struggles in world history, where almost every nation was fighting fascism, and stopping the genocide. Yet without a doubt Maddow will ruin our history one way or another. Leave it to liberals to trash history, and spin propaganda so obvious that people refuse to watch the network she is on now.   

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