Biden’s ‘Nonbinary,’ Ex-Nuclear Waste Czar Luggage Thief Learns Its Fate in Minnesota Courthouse  

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A former non-binary nuclear waste official in the Biden administration has learned his fate after stealing luxury suitcases from fellow airline travelers – a crime that raised eyebrows throughout the nation when it was first revealed. Sam Brinton — who identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns — thought he could walk away with thousands of dollars worth of goods, however, was quickly caught by security personnel. Now, at a preliminary hearing, Brinton was confronted for his crimes. 

On luggage theft charges, Joe Biden’s former non-binary nuclear waste official was released without bail. 

Following a preliminary hearing in Minnesota on Wednesday, Sam Brinton walked out scot-free after allegedly stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of women’s clothing from suitcases. 

He was ordered not to contact any victims by the judge, who referred to him as “Mx. Brinton.” If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. 

Here’s FOX News’ Jesse Watters with more.

Originally slated for December 19, the hearing was postponed to February 15 at the request of Brinton’s defense counsel. As a result of Brinton’s “employment issues” and the case’s popularity, the ex-Biden official reportedly asked the judge to allow him to attend the hearing virtually. It was, however, rejected by the judge. 

Brinton’s latest theft occurred on September 16 at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, where he removed a tag from a woman’s suitcase, walking out with it in his hand. There were allegedly $2,325 worth of items inside. 

He is no longer a DOE employee; however, it is unclear whether he was fired or resigned. 

Although Brinton left the airport with a bag, American Airlines confirmed he hadn’t checked it for the flight. 

After the incident, Brinton checked the bag as if it was his when he boarded another flight. The bag was also used for a trip to Europe in October. 

Despite admitting to the crime, he claimed it was an accident. 

In a disgraceful and embarrassing move, Joe Biden’s former non-binary nuclear waste official, Sam Brinton, was caught in the act attempting to steal thousands of dollar’s worth of women’s clothing from checked suitcases. Despite the judge releasing him without bail, it still speaks volumes that someone who is supposed to be a role model for the LGBTQ community would stoop so low as to try to take advantage of unsuspecting fellow travelers. With this move, Brinton has only given ammunition to those who might want to label him as a low life.

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