Climate Conundrum: ASA Axes Doctor Survey Results

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People deserve doctors focused on giving them the care they need, not activists pushing agendas, but apparently that is not the case as the climate mob is demanding you get less medicine to protect the planet.

Imagine going in for a major surgery and being told that the medicine they need to give you to keep you fully under is being restricted, in order to save the planet.

Fox news reports, the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) removed an article from its website this week highlighting research and comments from a doctor advocating for reducing anesthetic gas in surgery.

In a statement, the ASA – which represents the anesthesiology field in the nation – explained the Jan. 27 article was inaccurate, but declined to provide further details. Some have criticized the 56,000-member group for giving a platform to dangerous viewpoints.

Theresea Hill the ASA Spokesperson released a statement saying “”ASA pulled the news release from our site because it was inaccurate”

According to the now-deleted article, inhaled anesthetics used during general anesthesia contribute to up to 0.1% of global carbon dioxide emissions. A single hour of surgery using the inhaled anesthetic desflurane produces roughly the same amount of carbon dioxide as 470 miles of driving.

The study stated “Anesthesiologists can play a role in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming by decreasing the amount of anesthetic gas provided during procedures without compromising patient care,” 

Tucker Carlson recently went off on the cult of climate change, and declared it a state religion.

Fox news writes, you may remember a writer named Michael Crichton. American entertainment was dominated by him. He wrote novels. He produced movies. Known for his top films and books, including “Andromeda Strain,” “Jurassic Park,” etc., but he was also a political philosopher and a very wise one. During a talk he gave in San Francisco twenty years ago, before he died, Michael Crichton described climate activism as the religion of urban atheists, people who rejected all aspects of Judaism and Christianity — not a political movement, a religion.


With the way things are going the liberals will have us driving horse drawn carriages, reading by candlelight, and going back to the medicines of the 18th century. If they have it their way our entire way of life will be erased, and we will be brought back to victorian era….everything. If someone did not fact check, and take down that study there would be real world consequences as universities would adopt that way of thinking, and soon you would have a surgeon who would demand that you get a spinal fusion with 2 tylenols and a piece of leather to stop the pain. The insanity needs to end, there is no logical reason for the left to continue to attack and attempt to destroy so many facets of life. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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