‘Overreach Beyond Belief’? NYC Municipal Workers Reel at Mayor’s NEW COVID-19 Jab Move

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After Adams’ blatant display of power in holding New York City workers hostage for two long years, it seemed inconceivable that they would ever consider another unconstitutional move to intimidate the city and its people. But Adams had neither conscience nor moral compass; in order to maintain his stranglehold on the city and people, he has shown again that he’s willing threaten by any means necessary to get his way.

What Mayor Eric Adams of New York City has done is nothing short of abhorrent. Not only did he require his constituents to receive the vax as a means of keeping their jobs, but he felt no remorse in ruining the lives of those who refused it. Despite rescinding the order this week, he has publicly threatened to reimpose mandates for the vaccine in the future, demonstrating that he does not consider himself accountable for his actions against New Yorkers. This behavior of his should have everyone in New York on high alert.

We Love Trump reports,

This week, Mayor Eric Adams lifted the COVID-19 jab mandate after ruining the lives of NYC municipal workers refusing the shot.

As a result of his despicable actions against his constituents, the Democrat mayor felt no remorse.

Here is CBS reporting the news. TAKE A LOOK

Adams stated this during an appearance on Friday’s broadcast of Caribbean Power Jam Radio’s “The Reset Show,” “there may be another time that we’re going to have to do mandates again because these viruses are not going away.”

Adams defended his decision to rescind the vaccine mandate by saying COVID was becoming normalized, adding that when employees said, “I want to do whatever I want,” that it was not right.

According to Fox he also said, “I know what COVID looked like, and I know that if we didn’t have those mandates – I take my hat off to Bill de Blasio. That was a tough call, because you know New Yorkers…No New Yorker wants anyone telling them anything,” Adams said during the interview. “That’s who we are. We don’t want to be mandated. We don’t want anyone to tell us to put on a mask.”

Adams announced on Feb. 6 that the city would make COVID vaccines optional for current and prospective city workers, effective Feb. 10.

As part of the announcement, more than 96% of city workers were fully vaccinated against Coronavirus.

The mayor of this city should never win another election if that’s how he chose to exercise his authority. Instead of trying to keep his constituents safe, he believed it was better to threaten them and reinstate a law at his own mercy. It would be nothing more than a travesty if the people who lost their jobs due to this mandate weren’t compensated for their suffering. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that justice is seen, and the people affected can sue the city for what they did.  Apparently Adams was more concerned with enforcing his authority on law abiding citizens instead of criminals who are driving that state to the ground.

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