THE END? Greed Leads To Catastrophe On U.S Railway System?!

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The disaster that struck Ohio on February 3rd highlighted a deeper, darker side of major railway companies. 

It seems what we have here is corporate greed and an attempt at a cover-up to avoid an ecological disaster being traced back to them. This incident could have been avoided if not for corporate avarice and ignorance.

Trending politics reports, in 2022 Norfolk Southern, the railroad company responsible for the February 3rd Ohio derailment, achieved record profits. There was a mass evacuation as a result of the railway blunder. One may question whether the company prioritized profits over safety.

On Twitter, a new interview with Clyde Whitaker, a leader of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail Transportation Union, has been circulating. The interview was conducted in December 2022, during the railroad strikes and Joe Biden’s mediation of railroad negotiations. Norfolk Southern was reported to have reduced its workforce and mistreated its employees.

In the clip, Whitaker is asked if Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR) means “shorter staff, longer hours, longer trains, less safety, less maintenance…do I have that right? ”

During the interview Whittaker foreshadows the Ohio disaster by bringing up an incident that took place long before the one currently going on now.

Norfolk Southern reported record operating revenue and income from railway operations for the fourth quarter of 2022 and the full year. A 13% increase in railway operating revenue of $3.2 billion and a 5% increase in railway income of $1.2 billion were recorded in the fourth quarter.

If the derailment of the train in Ohio wasn’t bad enough there was a hazmat crisis in Arizona that required citizens to evacuate.

Trending politics reports, after a semi truck carrying hazardous materials tipped over in Tucson, AZ, evacuations are underway.

Whats up Tuscon tweeted “ I-10 closed near Rita Rd due to this crash and fire. There is evacuations of homes in the area underway near Rita Rd and I-10 related to this situation, which is now a hazmat situation”

In a follow up tweet a screenshot of emergency orders were shared stating that everyone within a 1 mile radius needs to shelter in place. 

What the truck was carrying was not immediately released but travelers on I-10 released footage of ominous red orange smoke drifting from the semi truck,

It is not surprising that a mega corporation will put profits before safety, and now millions of people are in severe risk to their health and safety from corporate greed. It is clear that there is a massive coverup of just how bad this accident is, if this accident were nothing there would be 24/7 news coverage of the chemicals burning and the effort to clean up this disaster. But whatever the long term consequences are from this chemical spill, and burn are so bad that the government had to roll out aliens to help cover this up.But what the government does not want you to know is that now 30 million Americans drinking water is compromised, there will be acid rain, and tens of millions of Americans are being exposed on a massive scale to one of the most hardcore carcinogens that is carried by train car. The truth needs to come out, and Norfolk Southern needs to be held accountable for their inactions. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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