BREAKING: Unsealed Epstein Docs Reveal Executive’s Twisted “Disney Princess” Desires

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A bombshell has been unveiled in the form of unsealed court documents that reveal another layer to the twisted web of deception surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and those implicated with him. One former JPMorgan executive’s deep-rooted obsession with sexualizing Disney Princesses was exposed in newly unsealed court records shining light on Epstein’s services to the powerful elite. 

Former JPMorgan exec Jes Staley’s emails with Jeffrey Epstein are a shocking and horrifying insight into his Disney princess fetish – a ghastly reminder of Epstein’s unsettling services.

The emails, disclosed in newly unsealed court records demonstrate the depths of Epstein’s depravity, as he attempted to arrange Disney character experiences from young women he was trafficking. With yet more evidence highlighting the monstrous behavior displayed by the former JPMorgan exec, one is left wondering how long these hideous secrets have been carefully buried and what other unpleasantries may yet be uncovered.

According to several emails cited in the US Virgin Islands lawsuit against the bank, in July 2010, former JPMorgan Chase & Co executive Jes Staley was reported to have engaged in a Disney Princess-themed discussion with Jeffrey Epstein.

The US Virgin Islands highlighted this language within their lawsuit filed against the bank, alleging that the comments were referring to young women and girls Epstein was allegedly procuring.

The exchange between Staley and Epstein began when Staley wrote “that was fun. Say hi to Snow White,” to which Epstein replied by asking what other character Staley would like next. In response, Staley said “Beauty and the Beast,” referring to the Disney character “Belle.”

Wednesday saw a court filing from the US Virgin Islands aiming to prove that JPMorgan was liable for allowing such conversations, as Staley was an employee of the company at that time.

In the filing, it was revealed that Epstein had been sending photos of young women in seductive poses to Staley. Not only that, but also Staley visited Epstein’s properties in the Virgin Islands – exchanging hundreds of messages through his JPMorgan company email account in full view of the company itself. These messages contained discussions about services procured for Staley by Epstein and even featured references to young women or girls given Disney princess names by him.

The term “Snow White” originally surfaced in 2021 when news of the relationship broke. At the time no one knew what it meant.

Financial Times reported then, people familiar with Staley’s correspondence with Epstein said he exchanged 1,200 emails with the convicted sex offender over a four-year period, including unexplained terms like “snow white”.

ZeroHedge notes, Staley, who is not a defendant in the US Virgin Islands vs JPMorgan case, or a separate lawsuit against JPMorgan by Epstein victims, has consistently denied knowledge of Epstein’s sexual abuse, and the bank has moved to dismiss both suits, claiming that Staley’s allegations are unsubstantiated.

Adding to that, a list of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates and victims, including a ‘public figure’, is soon to be released. This material – which contains ‘salacious’ allegations buried for nearly four years – could have a devastating impact on some of the world’s most powerful individuals. According to the documents, the ‘alleged perpetrators’ stand accused of ‘serious wrongdoing’ and were supposed to remain sealed.

We recently reported that convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell believed Jeffrey Epstein had been murdered in prison, and that she was shocked to hear the news.

The report follows Sarah Ransome’s promises to expose the deplorable acts of elites against children. The court records indicate that she has copies of the incriminating footage stored in secure European locations. The release of these videos could potentially reshape global politics and society. Reports in court documents have already led some prominent figures among the elite to deny their involvement. The exact content of these tapes is unclear, but if they were released, it would be shocking, much like when the “Client list” is revealed by a court order.

And so another layer to the onion is peeled back in the depraved world of Jeffrey Epstein: Newly unsealed court records now expose a former JPMorgan executive’s bizarre and alarming obsession with sexualizing Disney Princesses. The fallout from these documents and newly revealed information will prove disastrous and devastating for some of the world’s most powerful people and public figures. With former Epstein associate and accused sex trafficker, Ghislaine Maxwell shocked and horrified to hear of Epstein’s murder in prison and Sarah Ransome promising to expose further potential elite-level child abuse, what could be classified as ‘salacious’ material only seems destined to increase. Moreover, with copies allegedly stored in secure European locations, it would appear we are only just scraping at the surface of Epstein’s web and that dark and troubled times may lie ahead for those included within it.

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