Cruz Unmasks Big Tech’s Censorship Manipulations!

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Since the transition to the new congressional House, the energy in Washington has been undeniable. Particularly fueled by a Republican majority, exciting new initiatives have taken shape while old agendas receive renewed attention. But Senate conservatives have been notably less visible during this time – until Senator Ted Cruz made waves recently with a major announcement regarding an investigation into Big Tech companies. This should be interesting!

Senator Ted Cruz has sent a major message to America’s prolific tech giants with his launching of an investigation into their censorship scandal. He is now commanding the full attention of not only them, but also those who have faced their censorious censures in social media over the past years – an issue that had generated much furor. Cruz’s call to action brings the country a much-needed step closer to nailing down and fighting against potential monopolies in the industry; making sure everyone can have a voice without fear of being muted by any power-hungry company at any time.

News buster reports,

Ted Cruz has launched an investigation into the censorship apparatuses of tech giants like Google, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and others.

In a letter to the Big Tech companies, Senator Ted Cruz, ranking member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he hoped to uncover the truth about social media “blacklists” that targeted conservatives.

He said in the letter. “In a world where seven out of ten Americans receive their political news from social media, the manner in which content is filtered through recommendation systems has an undeniable effect on what Americans see, think, and ultimately believe. For example, the Twitter Files revealed—and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg also confirmed—that both platforms heavily censored the New York Post story about emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop just two weeks before the 2020 election. This censorship ostensibly included suppressing the story in recommendations.”

He added that manipulating algorithms in order to de-emphasize certain content is considered “soft censorship.”

Cruz requested that the platforms define what a “recommendation system” is and outline their policies regarding how it should be implemented. Additionally, he requested the names of any outside individuals the companies consulted about their policies, presumably to determine if federal agents were involved.

Ted joined Sean Hannity to discuss the matter.


The American people are watching closely to see if Senator Cruz’s tenacious efforts to take on major tech companies will be worth anything. For way too long now, we’ve had to sit and watch as those in Congress conduct oversight hearings that don’t actually lead to change. We’re hungry for something more tangible than just their grandstanding. We want it all: consequences for these tech agencies and real change on other platforms beyond Twitter too. Simply put, it’s time for our leaders in both chambers of Congress to prove they’re doing more than just talking and issue meaningful reforms that break up big tech giants.

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