Sex Scandal Rocks CNN: Producer Fired After Hook-Ups Discovered

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Recently, the media giant CNN scandalized itself yet again after having to fire a top producer after they found out he had engaged in hook-ups with a subordinate. 

CNN has done it again! After recent scandals involving unusually stupid decisions by the media giant, reports have emerged of another outrageous event. This time, one of the network’s top producers was fired after an internal investigation uncovered evidence that he had engaged in “hook-ups” with a subordinate.

Conservative brief reports, there have been several scandals on CNN in recent years, and its ratings continue to be among the lowest on cable news. CNN has fired Jake Tapper’s top producer following a sex scandal involving hooking up with a subordinate.

A CNN insider stated that “complaints were made” about Quadrani, and last Wednesday someone brought direct evidence of the inappropriate relationship directly to Tapper,” 

The producer, who is in his late 50s, joined the network in 2013, moving to Washington from New York City. While at NBC, he worked on ‘The Today Show’ under ousted CNN executive Jeff Zucker.

Another source made a comment stating “There were some complaints. No one had proof, and these things are hard to prove. Jake was aware of the investigation,”

Last week, Tapper was “presented with something he couldn’t ignore” as the investigation was about to conclude.

The source continued “Jake was made aware of it and acted quickly. Someone discovered something accidentally and brought it to Tapper. He delivered it to human resources, and they were terminated,”

It’s unclear how much Quadrani was paid for his longtime role at the network, but his home, which he bought in 2017, is currently valued at $1.26 million.

CNN is no stranger to scandals involving its employees.

NPR reports, Jeff Zucker abruptly resigned as CNN’s president saying he had failed to acknowledge a romantic relationship with another executive from the beginning. He led CNN through triumphs, controversy, and scandals for nine years.

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Several CNN employees were shocked by Zucker’s announcement. However, few were surprised by the executive’s identity. Marketing chief Allison Gollust described their relationship as a close professional and personal relationship that deepened into a romantic one during the pandemic. Gollust wrote that she would be staying at the network.

CNN has been a sinking ship, with scandal after scandal emerging from what seems to be an increasingly unprofessional environment. The latest controversy just highlights the culture at CNN which is appalling and deeply concerning given the context of what should be a professional relationship between employees. This shocking news highlights yet another failure in the management of this media giant and makes one wonder what outrageous stories will be the next to emerge from what has become a full-blown CNN scandal.

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