Race Hustler Joy Reid Hates Jesus, And She Just Proved It LIVE on Her Failing MSNBC Show

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Joy Reid blasted the recent Super Bowl ads promoting Christianity, as she continued to spew leftist talking points and an anti-christian message.

Joy Reid knows that Satanists have infiltrated the woke mob and intend to spread their liberal insanity around like plague. However instead of standing up for the freedom of religion, Reid unabashedly attacked christians.

Western Journal reports, the Super Bowl ads that delivered a Christian message to millions of viewers on Sunday were roundly condemned by Joy Reid, knowing that Jesus would never do that.

Reid attacked the ads on Monday night’s “The ReidOut” show on MSNBC, alleging that the sponsors were on the wrong side of the political fence and that the ads should not have been on the air.

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During her rant against a Christian organization just trying to spread the message of love and forgiveness, Reid echoed a tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

the tweet referenced states “ Something tells me jesus would *not* spend millions of dollars on Super bowl ads to make fascism look benign.

 So what is this ad that has the liberals all up in arms? Luckily we have it here for you now.

That was a powerful video, one that preached love over hate, and urged people to get along. No wonder why Reid was so against it since she made her career on dividing America, not uniting it. 

After her rant against the Christian organization He Gets Us, Reid than attacked Hobby Lobby founder David Green, who supported the ad campaign, calling him a funder of “right-wing religious causes.”

According to her, the group behind the ads must be suspect because it doesn’t support her abortion views.

She said the Servant Foundation donated more than $50 million to Alliance Defending Freedom, a pro-life group.

According to her, the Alliance Defending Freedom must be wrong since it drafted the Mississippi law that overturned Roe v. Wade and is behind the Texas lawsuit seeking to reverse the FDA’s approval of the abortion pill.

Jason Vanderground, spokesman for “He Gets Us,” said that the ads were designed to convey Jesus’ behavior in both relationships and conflicts as a model for our own,

Vandergound stated “Instead of responding to divisiveness in anger or avoiding conflict altogether, Jesus demonstrated how we can and should show confounding love and respect to one another, The goal is that the two commercials will not only inspire those who may be skeptical of Christianity to ask questions and learn more about Jesus, but also encourage Christians to live out their faith even better and exhibit the same confounding love and forgiveness Jesus modeled”

Joy Reid, who was gleeful to blast the recent Super Bowl ads promoting Christianity, took her liberal insanity even further by attacking Jesus-loving Hobby Lobby founder David Green. According to her Satanically twisted logic, anyone who doesn’t align with the pro-abortion, anti-Christian political agenda must be suspect — a sentiment that aligned with many in the woke mob. Reid’s willingness to throw out Jesus’ teachings for the sake of political gain was certainly a shocker even for woke media standards. The left’s most ardent attack on Christianity shows exactly what its priorities are: pro murder and anti-God.

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