BREAKING: George Soros’ Deadly Plan for Climate Change Could End Mankind! Stop Him Now!

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George Soros has an alarming plan to change the climate using technology, no matter the cost. This “Climate Change” solution could cause millions of deaths and we must stop Soros from playing God with nature! This senseless attempt to outsmart nature must be stopped, and it’s up to us to do so. We must call for action now before the damage is done – don’t let George Soros alter the climate!

George Soros has proposed a dangerous, twisted plan to take control of Earth’s atmosphere in order to end climate change. If this plan was successful it could have catastrophic consequences leading to the deaths of millions of humans and animals around the world. At his presentation at the Munich Security Conference, Soros claimed he had discovered a method which he thought could be used to reflect sunlight away from warm regions, attempting to prevent the melting of ice sheets due to climate change. In truth, if executed, his far-reaching and overambitious idea would be more destructive than the melting ice sheets and potentially bring about the downfall of human civilization as we know it. We must confront Soros’ notions before they are able to come to fruition, for we cannot let him play god with nature.

Additionally, Soros presented a video featuring Sir David King’s outrageous claims that 90 percent of Vietnam’s landmass would be underwater and global sea levels would increase by 23 feet.

So how exactly would this plan work? Well see for yourself.

Solar geoengineering is a risky scheme that has been proposed by Soros and King, and it definitely won’t save civilization in the long run. In fact, evidence suggests that it could do more harm than good.

Implementing this technology could make species around the world unable to adapt to changing environmental conditions, leading to mass extinction of certain wildlife populations. In addition, implementing this technology would also leave many parts of the world facing global starvation due to disruption of monsoons in Asia and increased droughts in Africa.

The website DowntoEarth shows how releasing manmade clouds into the atmosphere over the Arctic could be catastrophic.

George Soros’ plan to change the climate through technology without regard for the price is an obvious attempt to outsmart nature. It is incomprehensible that Soros would think his actions are acceptable, potentially putting humanity’s very fate in the balance–we must stop him from playing God with nature. It may seem impossible now, but we must rise up to keep Soros from succeeding with this dangerous scheme and take back control of our planet’s future. Soros is a madman who fails to comprehend the full ramifications of his actions–now is the time for governments around the world to step in and stop Soros before it’s too late!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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