Former WH Doc Exposes Biden’s Health Cover-Up – Claims Huge Conspiracy Over Biden’s Health Report 

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The recent news of a former White House Doctor’s expose of Joe Biden’s health cover-up has sparked a firestorm of questions. Did the White House try to hide something about Biden’s health? Were they complicit in a massive conspiracy to conceal information from the public? It’s never been more important never to believe a word that come out of the mouth of White House officials- and this story is proof why. This whistleblower is shaking up Washington and forcing Americans to ask one single, crucial question: Was there a cover up concerning Joe Biden’s health records?

It’s time to face the truth, says Rep. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician of Joe Biden’s administration. In light of President Biden’s recent physical examination, Jackson firmly believes that Joe Biden is deteriorating before our eyes and the White House is lying to Americans about it.

Joe Biden’s physical examination made no mention of mental health – something that any doctor will tell you is concerningly important for a world leader – and this raises significant questions about Joe Biden’s wellbeing.

President Joe Biden’s annual fitness checkup at a DC-area hospital resulted in a surprising determination by the current White House physician last Thursday. Biden’s overall health is sufficient for him to remain president, despite not having a cognitive test, according to a memo from Dr. Kevin O’Connor.

You won’t hear this news in the US media, however if you are in Australia you’d be fully aware.

But that’s not all. The international press proved Joe Biden is the laughing stock of the world with this report on his health.

According to Rep. Ronny Jackson, it was evident to anyone that Biden’s mental health was declining and that the report failed to address Biden’s cognitive health.

In a series of tweets Jackson sounded the alarm.

“We learned NOTHING from Biden’s physical exam. How bad is his cognitive issue? Is he on ANY drugs to treat his mental decline? This exam was a JOKE. COVER UP!!”

“WHY ON EARTH did Biden not get a cognitive exam? Trump had one, why not him? Biden’s ability to think and reason is GONE! He SHOULD NOT be President!!”

“The media is SILENT about the LACK of a cognitive exam for Biden. The American people want to know this information, and the media is doing NOTHING. They’re letting this incompetent buffoon drive our country over a cliff!!”

With his alarming statement, Jackson implores American citizens to look beyond the clear cover-up and demand transparency from their president about his health situation. It’s time for Joe Biden to come clean about what exactly is going on with his mental health before America pays the price.

It’s clear the White House is hiding something fundamental from the American people, and the truth about Joe Biden’s health is becoming exposed. Former White House physician Ronny Jackson made it a point to say it out loud: It’s time to face the truth about the President’s deteriorating state. Still, the media continues helping in this massive cover-up, as Joe Biden’s mental health is of paramount importance for a world leader yet it has not been addressed in his medical examination report. It leaves us all wondering: were Joe Biden’s health records covered up? It raises one single, crucial question: What is the White House attempting to hide? It is our patriotic duty to demand answers. We are all owed the truth!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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