Trump’s SCOTUS Replacements Meets Unfavorable Fate As Adam Schiff Determined To Target Supreme Court

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Adam Schiff continues to outdo himself as he continues to show himself as a villain in search of power. After joining a podcast and making more sinister comments, this man knows no boundaries when it comes to power. His latest statement on the podcast should  bring chills to our country and not the good kind.

Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been one of the main voices discussing President Donald Trump’s constitutionally bound replacement of retiring and deceased Supreme Court Justices. He has publicly termed this a form of “stacking” the bench, and is threatening to expand the makeup of the Supreme Court should it continue to favor Republican policies. This loud rhetoric raises some serious questions because of how radical democrats have become.

Town Hall reports, scorned former House Intelligence Committee chairman is calling President Donald Trump’s replacement of retiring and deceased Supreme Court Justices “stacking the bench” and vowing to expand the court.

Schiff said some pretty radical things in a recent podcast interview. Most terrifying of them all he said, “We have two justices who don’t belong on the Court…McConnell and Trump have stacked the Court.”


He didn’t stop there, he continued attacking our institutions. Simply because his party is not totally in control he continued on to attack all other bodies.

Earlier this month, Schiff announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate in the race against Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat. Feinstein announced her retirement on Tuesday, but Schiff began challenging her seat months earlier.

Feinstein tweeted about her retirement saying “I am announcing today I will not run for reelection in 2024 but intend to accomplish as much for California as I can through the end of next year when my term ends. Even with a divided Congress, we can still pass bills that will improve lives.”

Which Schiff took it upon himself to capitalize on replying, “As the longest-serving woman senator, Senator Feinstein is a trailblazer, & her accomplishments are immense. Looking forward to our continued work on combatting wildfires, preserving open space & fighting gun violence. We’re all indebted to Dianne for her distinguished service”

The fervor with which Adam Schiff has pursued his political ambitions has been alarming – it is abundantly clear that if he had it his way, he would stop at nothing to ensure the Supreme Court reflected a leftist leaning. Absolute power is what people strive for and the ends do not justify the means. This is how democracies fail – because of men like Adam Schiff. We should be grateful to God every day that we are part of a representative democracy, otherwise leftists like Schiff would have free reign to do whatever they please.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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