‘Unprecedented’: Disastrous Consequences Of Ford’s EV Rush Reveals Green Catastrophe

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It’s no secret that many large companies across the country have adopted the transition to (EVs) under tremendous pressure, as manufacturers give in to the demands of a changing world. Even one of America’s most iconic brands, Ford Motor Company, is feeling the heat. But while it may be promising from an environmental standpoint, there are consequences to a hasty transition and Ford is feeling the heat.

Ford Motor recently announced that production of its electric F-150 Lightning pickup would be suspended due to a potential battery issue that caused a vehicle fire. The company expects the production interruption to last until at least some weeks, though there is no specific timeline for when production may resume in full capacity. Ford is striving to ensure safety for their customers, by taking necessary steps to investigate and address any potential issues found.

CNBC reports, DETROIT – Ford Motor expects to halt production of its electric F-150 Lightning pickup through the end of next week to address a potential battery issue that resulted in a vehicle fire on Feb. 4.

Ford confirmed last week that production of the highly anticipated vehicle had been suspended following a fire.

Here is CBS reporting on the issue in Detroit.


According to the company, engineers believe they have found the root cause of the fire. In the coming week, the investigation into the problem is expected to be completed, followed by changes to the truck’s battery production process.

The battery supplier for the truck is South Korea-based SK On, a spinoff of SK Innovation with which the Detroit automaker entered a joint venture in 2021 to establish U.S. battery production facilities.

This battery issue adds to ongoing “execution issues” that Ford CEO Jim Farley detailed earlier this month that hurt the automaker’s fourth-quarter earnings.

The auto industry routinely experiences issues and recalls related to vehicles, but batteries are of particular concern and interest since automakers invest billions of dollars into them.

Ford is a giant in the American car industry and a leader when it comes to innovation. The rise of electric vehicles has been quickly adopted by many car companies due to the political climate. However, Ford has not been as successful in this quick transition and this is seen in their attempt at an EV. Though Ford should have taken their time and slowly transitioned into making electric vehicles, instead they feel the pressure to create one and prove themselves. Simply because everyone is doing it shouldn’t mean you should too.

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