Romney Kneels Before the King and Surrenders To The Truth About Trump He Can’t Ignore

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The writing is on the wall – Romney has knelt before the king and surrendered to the truth that Donald Trump will become the GOP nominee in 2024. Despite contradictory claims from fake news sources, Romney’s stance leaves no doubt as to who will be in control when we look ahead to the victor in this race. The neoconservatives and RINOs may or may not agree – but Romney, who knows a thing or two about politics and winning, but mostly losing, elections, can see that Trump has already won this one and will win again. Trump 2024 is here.

Sen. Mitt Romney has predicted that Donald Trump will once again be the last Republican standing in the GOP primary in 2024. Romney, who ran unsuccessfully for the GOP nomination himself in 2008 and 2012, believes Trump would have an edge due to a highly anticipated crowded field of contenders for the Republicans. Something he echoed a year ago to the New York Times.

Furthermore, after 3 years out of office, Trump’s unique political brand may have generated enough residual support within the party to enable him to run a formidable campaign and capture the presidency.

Romney stoked speculation last week when he weighed in on the Republican Presidential field while speaking at the U.S Capitol. The 2012 presidential candidate seemed to think that President Trump was the inevitable nominee, but acknowledged that the race will come down to two contenders after more GOP hopefuls join what is already a crowded field.

This came one day after Nikki Haley announced her candidacy and joined Trump in the race, although many other Republicans are expected to enter the fray in coming months.

In past years, Romney has often spoken critically of Trump and even went as far as cooperating with Democrats twice to have him impeached. If Trump secures the nomination, Romney informed reporters that he would continue his efforts against him during the general election and would not support him regardless.

With so much potential for change, only time will tell which candidates will become viable contenders against Donald Trump.

Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, Senator and two-time presidential loser has accepted the reality that President Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee in 2024. This declaration comes in the wake of an onslaught of fabricated news stories, based on establishment planted rumors,  claiming otherwise. Romney’s official statement serves to defy predictions from neoconservatives and RINOs that Trump may not win at all. It was a bold move by someone who is well versed in the electoral process to recognize that Trump is already the presumptive victor. All eyes are now on Nikki Haley, Ron Desantis, and others increasingly rumored to be considering running for president this year, as Trump appears to have sealed his title as ‘the one’ for 2024.

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