Run Pelosi Run! Look Who’s Just Got 41K Hours of J6 Footage!

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s nightmare has been revealed as Speaker McCarthy publicly announced he has obtained 41,000 hours of footage from the J6 archives. This evidence is poised to be enough to indict Pelosi for covering up the truth and possibly lying in her statements. 

By obtaining this footage, McCarthy hopes to expose the truth and give citizens answers they deserve by unveiling who, exactly, is behind the cover-up. This has sent shockwaves through Washington as Americans everywhere are now paying close attention to who McCarthy just handed this huge amount of documentary evidence to.

It’s uncertain where Speaker Pelosi can go next as the pressure mounts for her to address the inevitable charges against her that will be exposed by this trove of video but only time will tell how it will all unfold.

Speaker McCarthy’s decision to deliver exclusive broadcast access of the Capitol footage to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has been met with criticism from none other than Adam Schiff. After all, back in January, Speaker McCarthy had emphatically declared that the American people had a right to view this footage and had reported that there were around 14,000 hours of it available — however, it now appears that the trove of footage is much larger than anticipated. Given its significance and importance, many have argued that all media outlets should be given access to ensure it reaches as wide an audience as possible, instead of to Tucker alone.

As House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy turns over Jan 6 videos to Tucker Carlson, one can expect to hear much grumbling from Democrats and the mainstream media. This is a symptom of a political system that displays visible distress whenever their carefully-crafted narrative about the events of that day is called into question.

Just look at the words used by Adam Schiff when he tweeted “Make no mistake: This isn’t about transparency, it’s about fueling dangerous conspiracy theories,” in response to the news; this clearly exemplifies the underlying tension among those who believe their version of what happened should remain unchallenged.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s severely botched cover story is likely to face repercussions as a release of 41,000 hours of footage from the J6 archives to Tucker Carlson looks poised to release the Kraken and rip the masks off all those implicated in the heinous act of leaving out essential details of US policy. This news that Democrats and mainstream media have been dreading for some time has left many wondering what will become of Speaker Pelosi now that her lies and cover-up are exposed. Though people may be expecting loud complaining from Democrats, we can only assume Pelosi is getting drunk tonight before deciding on what steps she should take next while knowing there is only one way out. It will be interesting to see how this plays out when Tucker Carlson inevitably reveals the truth behind their narrative setting authority.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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