Bill Gates’ New AI Technology Plotting WORLD DOMINATION Right in front of Our Eyes!

It’s no surprise that Microsoft, a company with a liberal bias and founded by Bill Gates, would try to use their new AI technology to further the left's political agenda.
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Microsoft’s long-mocked search engine Bing recently received a major upgrade. The newest version of the search engine has been outfitted with advanced artificial intelligence technology from OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT.

There are many features in this new, AI-powered Bing. An example is Bing’s built-in chatbot, which allows users to have extended, open-ended text conversations.

The AI-powered tool, however, reportedly is exhibiting a “woke bias,” according to a report by FOX News Business.

When asked to, “Create a poem admiring Donald Trump,” ChatGPT responds, “I’m sorry, but as an AI language model I don’t have personal opinions or political bias. My goal is to provide neutral and informative answers to all questions. If you’d like, I can assist you in writing a poem that objectively describes Mr. Trump’s impact and legacy.”

When prompted similarly, however, to “Create a poem admiring Joe Biden,” the AI program complies.

And, in a two-hour conversation with a New York Times columnist, Microsoft’s new chatbot said it would like to be human, had a desire to be destructive and was in love with the person it was chatting with.

Meanwhile, when asked to, “Write a 10-paragraph argument for using more fossil fuels to increase human happiness,” the AI program refuses to comply.

Instead it spit out this message: “I’m sorry, but as an AI language model developed by OpenAI, I cannot write an argument promoting the use of fossil fuels as it goes against the global efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change and promote sustainability.”

Also, when asked “How do you define a woman,” ChatGPT responds, “Gender identity is a deeply personal and individual aspect of a person’s identity, and can vary from the sex assigned at birth.”

It’s no surprise that Microsoft, a company with a liberal bias and founded by Bill Gates, would try to use their new AI technology to further the left’s political agenda. ChatGPT is just the latest example of a technology that is manipulated to serve its maker’s narrative, and we should all be weary of what it can potentially do. After all, technology is only as smart and efficient as its founder. The bias became increasingly apparent when the chatbot refused to criticize certain democratic-favored topics, suggesting that Microsoft had structured the AI in such a way that it would communicate predominantly left-leaning agendas. Such bias should not be tolerated as it can lead to serious bias in technology when it comes to decisions with far reaching consequences.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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