Outrageous Lie: Andrea Mitchell Creates Fake DeSantis Statement Out Of Thin Air

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NBC’s liberal “elite” hit a new low when the host of MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell, twisted Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ words in order to falsely accuse him of opposing learning about slavery in schools.

In a stunning act of liberal garbage journalism and woke mob-style reporting, Mitchell attempted to discredit the governor by posing a fabricated quote to viewers as if it had really come from DeSantis himself.

Western Journal reports, NBC host Andrea Mitchell once again exposed herself as a shameless left-wing propagandist when she falsely claimed that Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis opposes the teaching of slavery in schools.

While interviewing Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday on her low-rated daytime program Andrea Mitchell Reports, the 76-year-old Democrat made the gaslighting remarks.

The leading question was used by Harris to smear DeSantis, a Navy veteran and attorney.

Take a  look

Bryan Griffin tweeted in reply to the newspiece stating “Shameful. This question from 

@mitchellreports exemplifies everything wrong with corporate media. They’re not accidentally terrible at their jobs–they’re maliciously intent on deceiving people. @GovRonDeSantis never said this, and FL has extensive black history requirements.”

It is funny that Kamala Harris should bring up the “black experience” in America, as her family was a prominent slave owning family.

Western Journal reports, Harris’ radical left platform, cutthroat prosecutorial record, and sexual relationship with political superior Willie Brown were among the details of her lineage that surfaced in recent years.

According to her father, Harris is the descendant of prominent Jamaican slave owners.

Harris’ father, the prominent economist and Stanford University professor Donald Harris, published a lengthy ancestry article written in September 2018 for Jamaica Global.

He had contributed his 3,000-word essay to the site, which highlights the “Jamaican diaspora” and its descendants worldwide, to reflect on “the Jamaicanness” of his daughter Kamala.

Dinesh D’Souza tweeted “Here are the names of the 200+ slaves owned by Kamala Harris’ ancestor Hamilton Brown in Jamaica in 1817. One of the largest planters in Jamaica, Brown now has a town named after him, Brown’s Town”

It is clear from the professor’s own account that he, his paternal grandmother and, by extension, his daughter are all descended from Jamaican plantation owner and Brown’s Town founder Hamilton Brown.

Andrea Mitchell has cemented her reputation as a liberal propagandist by spreading her liberal garbage and twisting Gov. Ron DeSantis’ words in order to virtue-signal for the woke mob. This is just another sad attempt by MSNBC show’s liberal host to spread fear and paranoia among Democrats via fake news and trash reporting. It appears that NBC is so desperate to cling onto relevance they are willing to sacrifice standards of ethics, accuracy and truth – all things which the liberal elites of MSNBC seem to fear more than anything else.

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