Trump Receives HERO’S WELCOME in East Palestine, HUMILIATING Mayor Pete into Action 

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If Joe Biden’s administration has been focused on anything lately, it’s certainly not East Palestine, Ohio. Meanwhile, Biden’s ignorance is President Donald Trump’s gain as he received a hero’s welcome while visiting the small town yesterday. Trump delivered an incredibly uplifting speech and distributed essential items to the residents affected by the recent train derailment that spilled toxic chemicals into their community. Despite receiving nothing but radio silence from the Biden team thus far, resilient citizens of East Palestine came out en masse to thank President Trump — an incredible show of community strength rarely seen in such trying times. And in true MAGA spirit, Trump brought them plenty of cheer and hope! 

President Donald Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio, Wednesday and donated 13 pallets of water and other supplies to the small town grappling with the toxic aftermath of the train derailment earlier this month. 

Here’s a look at volunteers unloading the supplies donated by Trump prior to his arrival.

Ohio residents lined the streets waiting for Trump’s arrival.

Some were chanting “no more Joe.”

Upon arrival, Trump was swarmed by East Palestine residents who were thankful for the supplies sent by the former President.

When asked by a reporter, “What’s your message to Joe Biden before you leave?” Trump responded that Biden needs to “get over here.”

Afterwards, the former president stopped at a nearby McDonald’s to hand out Big Macs after personally dropping off tens of thousands of pounds of water, food, and other supplies.

Workers were also given hats bearing Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

During his visit, Trump also met with Mayor Conaway; Senator J.D. Vance and others. 

At the news conference Trump let the people of East Palestine know  they’re not forgotten.

Mayor Conaway made headlines earlier this week when he called Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine instead of the Ohio town the “biggest slap in the face” that showed “what kind of guy he is.”

When asked about these comments on Tuesday, Conaway boldly stood by his remarks.

Meanwhile, following Trump’s visit to the Ohio town, Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced he will finally visit the site on Thursday – just shy of three weeks after the initial derailment of the train carrying toxic chemicals.

However when confronted by a Daily Caller reporter on that point, he couldn’t be bothered by the suffering of the East Palestine residents. You see.. He was taking some much needed personal time with his husband who is dealing with the difficulties of chestfeeding. 

President Trump’s visit to Ohio yesterday could not have demonstrated higher levels of care and consideration. Bearing essential resources to aid those affected by a recent train derailment that had spilled toxic chemicals, he was met with a hero’s welcome by residents relieved to have received such much-needed aid. The outpouring of support for Trump was evident as many locals endlessly thanked him – shaming Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg into finally caving to pressure and announcing his own visit to the site. With this small town success story under his Belt, Trump just proved one more time why Biden’s administration simply has its priorities wrong.

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Next News Network Team

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