Hollywood Star ROCKS Geraldo’s World After Sees Him GUSHING Over Biden’s STAGED Photo-Op In Ukraine

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Robert Davi is calling it like he sees it, and right now he’s PISSED OFF about the most recent photo-op involving Joe Biden in Ukraine. After seeing Geraldo Rivera gushing over the event, Robert Davi was quick to set things straight.

Robert Davi is the voice of reason Americans desperately need right now, and it’s refreshing that he stepped into the spotlight to check Biden and Geraldo for their actions. Robert was not afraid to call out Geraldo for celebrating a trip to Ukraine while Americans in Ohio—and across the country—continue to suffer.

He made it clear that this was an inappropriate, unethical display of power, one which only serves to prop up the war machine and further ignore those who need help.

We’re fed up with our elite leaders’ lack of empathy; it’s about time someone like Robert stood up to them and demanded more from Biden and Geraldo.

On Twitter Geraldo gushed over Biden’s photo op as well tweeting, “Bravo Biden stand and deliver.”

In another post Geraldo went even further tweeting, “Whatever your politics, if you don’t admire President Biden’s physical courage in going boldly to Kyiv to face missiles and bombs of the Russian dictator, then you don’t get American exceptionalism. A year ago, Putin thought he would be marching the streets of Ukraine’s capital.”

Davi was referring to a segment in which Charles Paine destroyed Geraldo while exposing Biden’s staged visit to Ukraine. 

I’ve got a photo-op for you Geraldo.

Robert Davi’s voice is a welcome and desperately needed sound for the American people as we suffer through so many seemingly unethical choices made by our political leaders. His willingness to stand up and call out Joe Biden and Geraldo Rivera’s inappropriate photo op in Ukraine while Americans back home continue to struggle has allowed the frustration of so many to be heard. Robert has been vocal about his disdain for these types of stunts—seeing them as shameless displays of power by those in charge—and he fearlessly articulated exactly how wrong this type of behavior is. It’s a relief to find someone who will hold our leaders accountable without reservation, in spite of the criticism that inevitably follows. Robert Davi knows what it means to speak truth to power and we’d be wise to follow his lead and demand action by those whose job it is to fight for us.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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