Hot Off The Press: Will Anderson Cooper Survive This Unexpected Twist Of Bad News At CNN?

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You won’t believe what just happened to CNN and Anderson Cooper! Amidst the drama between host Don Lemon and the network, another shake-up has recently occurred with Anderson Cooper, one of CNN’s top anchors. The already struggling news station yet again faces more bad news that can have a major impact on their future. How will the network fare in these troubling times? Will this be the final nail in the coffin for one of America’s leading news outlets? Stay tuned in as we follow this news story and uncover what really is going on behind-the-scenes at CNN.

The new report from Mediaite on cable news ratings reveals an embarrassing lack of viewer support for Anderson Cooper’s show.

It’s clear that Cooper is seriously losing ground to his competitors in the 9 pm ET timeslot, lagging far behind both Chris Hayes on MSNBC and Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

In what seems to be a display of viewers’ preference for more conservative programming, Fox News took home almost 5 times as many total viewers as Cooper’s show and also topped the key 25-54 year-old demographic category.

It remains to be seen if Cooper can turn around these dismal ratings or if he will continue to get annihilated by his rivals in the coming weeks.

Anderson Cooper’s slumping ratings come as CNN has decided to keep Lemon employed after his sexist jibes against GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, though with one stipulation – he would have to complete “formal training” for sexism before returning to the airwaves alongside Poppy Harlow and Kaitlin Collins. 

Known as “the worst morning news show in a decade”, not even Lemon’s absence could stop “CNN This Morning” from continuing to be dismissed by poor ratings, however it had the strange effect of causing their viewership figures to go up. 

Such irony might prove too hilarious for some; a sign that serendipity seems intent on having its way with viewers at the expense of the reputation of the network in question.

Don Lemon’s conduct recently has been anything but professional, so it stands to reason that his two-day absence from “CNN This Morning” might have a positive effect on the ratings.

However, according to Dallas Lawrence, SR. vice president of Samba TV, Lemon’s negative publicity resulted in an unexpected boost for the network’s average viewership.

On the other hand, Nielsen data paints a different reality: viewership actually dropped during Lemon’s absence and the decline was especially pronounced among female viewers.

It is clear that “CNN This Morning” is failing and no amount of arguing about whether Lemon was beneficial or detrimental can persuade otherwise – this situation really only caters to one outcome: how badly will Don Lemon humiliate himself or CNN next?

Anderson Cooper’s future at the top of CNN looks to have been dealt a serious blow due to plummeting ratings. He’s certainly been crying in his cornflakes over the now legendary Don Lemon debacle, whose days of absence from “CNN This Morning” may yet prove to be Anderson Cooper’s saving grace as corporate attention has been redirected from his failing ratings.  After all, Anderson is no stranger to rating woes and Don Lemon’s conduct has been anything but professional – Anderson likely views himself as a shining beacon of decorum amidst the braying masses. But if these recent developments do nothing else, they’ve brought into sharp focus another potential nail in the coffin for one of America’s leading news outlets – Anderson Cooper can only be wiping his tears with Don Lemon’s underwear tonight.

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Hot Off The Press: Will Anderson Cooper Survive This Unexpected Twist Of Bad News At CNN?

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