Liam Neeson HORRIFIED By Latest Appearance on ‘The View’ EXPOSES What Happened When Cameras Were Off

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Whether you align more with the right or the left, you can agree that nothing is worse than having a terrible experience while appearing on a major talk show. Unfortunate as it may be, Liam Neeson didn’t escape such fate recently when he made his way onto nightmare show The View. Joining a long list of sane individuals who had the worst experience while on the mindless estrogen train.

Liam Neeson’s guest appearance on “The View” was certainly an interesting experience. While one could argue the talented actor did not expect to receive such an enthusiastic reception, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by it. His main intent of joining the show was to discuss his new movie, yet the hosts seemed more interested in ouuuuh and ahhing over the star. Poor Neesom, there is nothing worse than having Joy behar gushing over you.

Daily Caller reports, In an interview with Rolling Stone, Liam Neeson admitted that his recent appearance on ‘The View’ was ‘embarrassing.”

The actor joined “The View” on Wednesday to talk about his new movie “Marlowe.” He hoped the hosts would discuss something more serious, but they started gushing over him.

It all started when Joy Behard went off topic an acted all school girl with Liam.

During the show, co-host Sunny Hostin told Neeson that co-host Joy Behar thinks Neeson is the “hottest and the greatest ever”

Liam Neeson recently spoke to Rolling Stone about his appearance on “The View” and wanting to address current gun violence in America. Liam was in the dressing room drinking a cup of tea when he heard the discussion, so he joined in during the break expecting a productive conversation.

However, Liam noted that their segment was more focused on “this – off – thirteen, fourteen-year-old crush” over addressing the current issue while also noting he was less than impressed.

Liam went on to say he had a pleasant conversation with Sunny Hostin afterwards as she is a prosecutor but highlighted how uncomfortable he felt as the conversation veered in another direction away from the initial topic. Liam’s experience further serves to expose what happened when he showed up on “The View”.

Now that Neeson knows what conservative viewers had to experience while watching the show, he can sympathize. It was a total letdown to educated people who used to tuned in expecting an intelligent debate of all sides of a subject. Nobody wanted to hear silly name-calling and biased one-sided opinions. And for Neesom, it was even worse; not only did he have to endure all that but found himself being crushed on by Joy Behar. Talk about adding insult to injury! finding out that’s the best you can do. However, for a guy looking for an opportunity to bash our second amendment, he got exactly what he deserved.

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