PURE EVIL: Joy Behar’s Shocking Words About Derailment Town’s Voters Proves She’s a Cursed WITCH

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One of the head witches from ABC’s The View, Joy Behar, put her foot solidly in her mouth on Thursday with her comments on the catastrophic train derailment in East Palestine. After hearing reports that a majority of voters in the town had voted for Donald Trump, Behar remarked that “that’s who you voted for.” While some applauded her comments as a victory against conservative beliefs and an example of what happens to those who don’t heed warnings about the politics they choose, others were less than pleased with the apparent condemnation (and victory laps) surrounding such a tragic event. Who says witches and black cats can’t be politically opinionated?

After the the town of East Palestine, Ohio experienced the catastrophic train derailment and the resulting ecological disaster just days ago, the head witches on ABC’s The View had the temerity to finally mention the tragedy during their Thursday Hot Topics segment – but only after Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg arrived in the town. Unfortunately, a certain Joy Behar felt it necessary to accuse townsfolk of getting what was coming to them since they allegedly supported former President Trump.

It seemed like It was a situation designed to get Joy Behar and her coven of politically liberal hosts riled up – and they didn’t disappoint.

Staunchly anti-Trump Behar and Hostin were outraged that the former President had taken the opportunity to bring bottles of clean water with his own logo on them while visiting a largely working-class town in crisis – as if it was an exercise in branding more than genuine help.

It was the perfect example of the coven’s trademark lack of empathy, Self-awareness, and understanding — something that has continually been demonstrated by their unwavering criticisms toward anyone who opposed them, including Trump showing up before Pete Buttigieg (who waited 20 days before making his way to the town) to lend a helping hand. It doesn’t take a genius to know why the two were angry.

Joy Behar and the other witches on ABC’s The View have disgraced humanity with their lack of common decency and sympathy for those whose lives have been tarnished by the train derailment in East Palestine. It is hard to believe these women, who trumpet their supposed moral high ground yet cheerlead over the tragedy that has befallen the citizens, are some of the same voices touting ‘progressive’ ideals like compassion and understanding. We, as a society, should show these true colors no tolerance, because these witches have shown they sure aren’t capable of it.

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Next News Network Team

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