Urgent Warning: Avoid Oregon At All Costs As Homeless Terrorize Neighborhoods With Thefts

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 It’s a sad state of affairs when one of the most liberal cities in America, Portland, is more well-known for lawlessness and tyrannical city leaders rather than positive progress. Instead of strong law enforcement protecting its citizens, criminals and the homeless are running rampant, allowed to disturb the peace and drive residents out of their own homes.

As Portland continues to grapple with the homeless crisis, one of its latest problems has been a group of homeless individuals taking up residence in a vacant home. The occupants have been accused of stealing from and causing physical damage to neighboring properties, with longtime Portlanders claiming they have experienced regular fires which encroached on their own property. These problems are only getting worse.

Daily Caller reports, in Portland, Oregon, homeless people are occupying a vacant home, causing frequent fires and stealing from neighbors.

Two Portland residents, Jacob and Beth Adams, complained about homeless people starting frequent fires that make their way to their property.

Fox News reports that Portland’s homeless population has increased by 50% since 2019. About 6,000 people live on the streets in the city, according to the news station.

KOIN 6 reported just two weeks ago of constant tent fires across portland.

The couple reported multiple thefts of their property along with drug use and fights in an abandoned house next door that has graffiti and broken windows, missing walls, and a hole in the roof. In order to deal with the frequent fires, they had to buy fire extinguishers.

Another neighbor, 83-year-old veteran Armand Martens, says the house’s rotating occupants steal frequently from him.

He even told the outlet, “I felt safer when I was walking around in downtown Saigon when I was in Vietnam than I do here in Portland.”

And of course, the City of Portland did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

The heartbreaking claim of a veteran feeling more secure in an active war zone is indicative of the deep-seated issues occurring right here in the United States. Portland seems to be particularly affected by this; people there need to make their voices heard and push for change if they wish to see any progress. As for that, conservative states should not take too kindly to citizens fleeing chaotic states they’ve voted for, but we know that what those residents will try to do. Most importantly, pitching a tent on public property should not automatically grant them the same rights as a homeowner on their private property. That’s where they need to start if they’re going to fight the homelessness crisis.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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