Avatar Director Goes Full Environmental Extremist, Endorses Thanos’ Final Solution

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In a shocking display of wokeness gone wild, liberal Hollywood heavyweight James Cameron recently voiced his support for a genocidal plan to save the planet – he endorsed Thanos’ horrific solution from Avengers: Infinity War.

James Cameron, the legendary director of classic films such as Aliens and Titanic, has made headlines recently with his latest claim that the genocidal plan of Thanos in The Avengers is actually a “viable” solution to overpopulation – a belief-system no doubt befitting of his wokeness and liberal lunacy.

Redstate reports, among the greatest movie villains of all time is Thanos from the MCU. His diabolical quest to gather the powerful objects necessary to literally snap away half of the universe’s life in order to save its resources from being consumed due to overpopulation made him one of the most famous movie villains of all time.

 People in real life saw this as a horrendous solution to a problem that could have been solved in a more creative manner. Nevertheless, Thanos became a hero that environmentalists completely understood and wanted to emulate.

James Cameron from “Avatar” thinks killing off half the population to save the planet is a “viable answer.”

During an interview with TIME, Cameron discussed the end of the MCU’s Infinity Saga and Thanos’s attempt to save the universe through the elimination of life. As a rabid environmentalist and climate alarmist himself, Cameron is in the “Thanos was right” camp.

When James Cameron was asked by Time Magazine during an interview on Thanos’s approach to stopping climate change the director replied ”I can relate to Thanos, I thought he had a pretty viable answer. The problem is nobody is going to put up their hand to volunteer to be the half that has to go.”

A cleaner future doesn’t come from death, but from more life capable of figuring out how to advance technology to the point where environmental impact is minimal. Putting humans in a state of arrest by killing off the population and stopping their reproduction is advocating putting our species at risk.

However, none of this addresses Cameron’s claim that 50 percent of us should die. According to him, no one wants to be a part of the 50 percent, and I am willing to bet he is one of them.

BRIDGE. While James Cameron is fantasizing about killing 50% of the humans on the planet, there are some already working towards that goal…..for the environment of course.

Yale University 360 reports, it is too often overlooked when devising solutions to slow global warming that many pregnancies are unintended, and many births that result are unwanted. Approximately 121 million pregnancies occur unintentionally every year, and 10 percent of all births are “unwanted,” either as a result of sexual assault or coercive conception, such as the lack of access to effective abortions or birth control.

According to a recent estimate, 270 million women of childbearing age lack access to modern contraception. Making contraception and abortion freely available around the world would significantly reduce births and, therefore, human-generated carbon emissions (in the long run). A 10 percent reduction in the world’s population would reduce carbon emissions by 3.6 billion tons per year, more than the combined emissions of Germany, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, and Australia combined.

With renowned director James Cameron suggesting Thanos’ ultimate genocide solution is “viable”, a statement that likely made more than a few fans of the franchise incredulous. From a politically liberal perspective, Cameron might view Thanos’ genocidal plan as a reasonable way to handle human overpopulation and resource scarcity; from a more conservative viewpoint, it can be seen as nothing short of insanity, exemplary of liberal lunacy at its most extreme. Provoking an emotional response from viewers who sat through the entire series and watched countless characters lose their lives due to Thanos’ machinations has seemingly made that plan seem like a good idea to try in real life to James Cameron, which proves that he is a mentally unstable genocidal maniac. It looks like potentially one of history’s worst villains is actually behind the camera, and not on the silver screen.

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Next News Network Team

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