Forgotten No More: Goya Foods Steps Up For East Palestine After Train Derailment Contamination

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When tragedy struck the small town of East Palestine, Ohio, following a train derailment, the community found its hopes of normalcy quickly dwindling – until Goya Foods stepped up to the plate! With heartwarming charitable giving and an impressive show of corporate responsibility, Goya shipped ready-made meals and beverages to those affected by the disaster. 

It is clear that Goya is committed to caring for those who have been affected by this disaster and is dedicated to giving back to the communities in which it serves with impeccable community service.

NY Post reports, those affected by the Ohio train derailment will not have to worry about consuming contaminated food because Goya Foods is delivering ready-to-serve meals and beverages to East Palestine.

Food and drinks sent by the New Jersey-based company do not require tap water to prepare, including pre-hydrated beans and potassium-rich coconut water.

Goya CEO Bob Unanue stated “The impact of this disaster is devastating on both the community and the environment. East Palestine has been treated like a forgotten town, and while this may be a small community, it is not a forgotten community by Goya,” 

Goya is distributing the meals with the help of community resource center Way Station.

This round of help from Goya comes when the federal government is barely able to call this massive disaster, an actual disaster. 

Fox news reports, in the aftermath of a derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals, the White House declined Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s request for disaster relief.

In response to the chemical release earlier this month in eastern Ohio, a Biden administration official told Fox News Digital that the administration has provided extensive assistance to surrounding communities. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the agency that usually provides relief to communities affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters, isn’t best equipped to assist the state.

While speculation is rampant on why the Biden administration is dragging their feet, we have KJP giving us yet another non-answer to the question.

The unsafe tap water in East Palestine caused by the Ohio train derailment has been a tragedy for the community and yet Joe Biden refuses to show up, the EPA won’t help, and corporate greed seems to be prevalent. However, Goya Foods is providing a glimmer of hope in what has seemed insurmountable circumstances. The New Jersey-based company is offering ready-made meals and beverages that don’t require water to prepare. While this aid may seem small, it’s likely to make a big impact on those affected by the unsafe water contamination. This charitable act of kindness shows that Goya realizes that East Palestine is anything but forgotten.

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Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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