Lego Caves to Social Justice Warriors with New Lineup

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Lego, the beloved childhood toy of countless kids and adults, has recently decided to jump on the ‘woke’ bandwagon, forcing a liberal agenda down our throats – even those of our kids. From pushing gender-free toys and supporting LGBT youth networks, Lego is clearly more interested in advancing left-wing ideologies than providing a fun experience for its customers who, fortunately, have a say in these decisions.

Lego has recently unveiled a range of new characters that are more diverse than ever before. This includes characters coming from a wide range of ethnicities and backgrounds, including some with physical disabilities and even anxiety. Adding to another company wanting to push a leftist agenda that will only harm communities..

Daily Mail reports, LEGO has released a series of new characters with a wide range of skin tones and nationalities, including some with disabilities, including one born without limbs.

It follows the recent hire of sensitivity trainers by publisher Puffin to rewrite portions of Roald Dahl books and Hasbro’s decision to drop the ‘Mr.’ from the name of Mr. Potato Head.

In a release, the company said the new building sets and streaming content will introduce children to a world of ‘authentic, fascinating, and passionate characters.’

In order to promote diversity and understanding, some of the new LEGO Friends characters will have realistic complexities, such as anxiety, leg differences, Down Syndrome, vitiligo, and a dog in a wheelchair.

As the storyline progresses, it will become increasingly clear which characters will suffer from which ailments.

This news should not be totally surprising as the company announced just a year ago that they were going the gender neutral route. They even contradicted their findings from a survey they conducted.

Over the weekend, a representative for Friends collection said the company ‘sees(s) that kids need toys that reflect themselves.’

A report from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media found that 71% of boys feared being teased for playing with what they called “girls’ toys.”

It is clearly evident that the politically motivated decision-making of children’s toy companies is heavily rooted in their desire to appeal to an increasingly liberal base. Especially when the cornerstone of conservatism is largely made up of childbirth and family values, a significant number of parents who would typically buy toys from them but don’t lean left. With trends progressing the way they are, it’s not hard to imagine that soon enough there won’t be enough children of liberals around for companies to target – something Lego should take note of now before it’s too late! With its mission statement centered around play and building lasting bonds, it would be a shame if its choices ultimately led the company down a path that undermined its core philosophies.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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