Brain Damage or Willful Neglect? Does Biden Remember East Palestine At All?

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Over the weekend, Joe Biden sent a loud and clear message to East Palestine Residents during a sit-down interview with ABC that shined a spotlight on his real character and also his deteriorating cognitive abilities. While he was pressed with questions about the Ohio town that recently saw a train carrying toxic materials derail, Biden made no effort to even try to pretend as if he cared about the residents affected by the disaster.

There is no secret that Joe Biden’s mental health is declining. However, his inability to navigate an interview without stumbling over his words or not remembering if he’s already spoken to someone is alarming. 

During an ABC News interview with David Muir, Biden said he has spoken with everyone he has been able to talk to about the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, but he cannot recall who exactly he spoke with. 

Last week, East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway made national headlines when he called Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine instead of the Ohio town the “biggest slap in the face” that showed “what kind of guy he is.”

Biden was asked about the mayor’s comments and whether or not he’d spoken with him during his interview with David Muir, to which he deflected the question.

While Biden was in Ukraine giving Zelensky millions more military aid, President Trump delivered water, goods and food to East Palestine residents. 

Joe Biden’s snub to East Palestine Residents by both his visit to Ukraine and overall tone towards the city during his sit down interview was a disgrace. By choosing to visit Ukraine instead of visiting victims of the toxic train derailment, he sent a loud and clear message that those from the Ohio town are on their own. Biden’s priorities continue to be misguided, as East Palestine residents continue to receive no help or guidance from him whatsoever while at the same time, millions more in military aid was given to Ukraine.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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