Deep State Tries to Erase Hero’s Legacy: Hundreds Attend World War II Navy Gunner’s Funeral

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There is something quite special about America and the patriotism that runs through its people. From coast to coast, you can witness the admiration that Americans have for those who serve in our nation’s armed forces. Just take, for example, the recent account of a long-lost World War II veteran from Pearl Harbor whose story quickly spread across national headlines. It truly was a beautiful sight watching as Americans from all over paid tribute to this brave soldier and his invaluable service to our country.

The passing of Herman Schmidt, a sailor who bravely lost his life while serving at Pearl Harbor many decades ago, marks an important moment in history. This small funeral brought together hundreds of Americans who sought to show appreciation for Schmidt’s selfless actions. His remains had been identified only recently, worrying those who feared that he would have no one to honor and remember him. While respecting loss and sorrow, the funeral represented a time of honoring this man’s courage and sacrifice as well as the shared national grief over all the sailors and service members whose lives were taken during this devastating attack.

Daily wire reports, some were concerned that no one would appear to honor Herman Schmidt, a Navy member who was killed during Pearl Harbor but whose remains were only recently identified. Many attended the funeral of Herman Schmidt, a sailor who was killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor but whose remains were only recently identified.

Here is some background on the story behind it all.

Upon leaving for Hawaii, Schmidt left behind a wife and his infant son, Michael Schmidt. Despite being 82 and in poor health, Michael Schmidt said he would not be able to attend his father’s funeral on February 23 at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

According to Michael Schmidt in an interview with The Washington Times he said, “I have mixed emotions. I thought it was fantastic that they did it.”

In a post on social media, Andrea McCarren, former reporter for WUSA-TV and chief communications officer for PenFed Credit Union, expressed concern that no one would attend Herman Schmidt’s funeral. Nonetheless, she announced on Thursday afternoon that over 500 strangers visited Arlington to honor the World War II hero. Governor Mark Gordon (R-WY) ordered flags to be flown at half staff in Schmidt’s home state on Thursday.

Approximately 80,000 service personnel are missing from previous conflicts, of which 38,000 are estimated to be recoverable, according to the Defense Department. 

America’s patriotism has been an inspiration to the world, and even in times of sorrow and loss, many of our citizens are ready and willing to demonstrate that loyalty.  What happened during the memorial service for a fallen sailor is a perfect example of this unwavering love of country. A community of strangers, donating their most precious asset is to make sure one of their soldiers is honored. I wish we could do this for every single one of the and it’s a tragedy we can not. However, we know God has watched over all those who have sacrificed. God bless America

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