Democratic civil war: challengers multiply as Dem calls for mutiny against Biden’s reign!

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With each day that passes in 2023, some on the left have become increasingly anxious about their future prospects. With less than two years to go till the much-anticipated 2024 presidential election, some prominent leftists are starting to voice their concerns – none more vocally than Nina Turner, a failed congressional candidate and Bernie staffer. Leftists’ anxiousness is understandable as the clock ticks ever closer towards the crucial moment and they still only still have Biden as their best hope.

Nina Turner, a former state senator and panelist for CNN, made a desperate plea in regards to the 2024 Presidential Election. She called on Democratic candidates to enter the race even though President Biden has yet to officially announce his own re-election bid. This news follows many weeks of speculation regarding the President’s intentions and whether he will seek a second term in office. Will anyone answer her plea?

Fox news reported, CNN panelist and former Democratic state senator Nina Turner urged other Democrats to join the race as President Biden has not announced his reelection plans.

CNN political commentator Kristen Anderson raised concerns saying, ” “I think the problem that Democrats are going to face is that Biden is not without risk. He would be the oldest man elected president. There are moments when he seems feisty and ready to fight Republicans, and there are moments that do leave doubts in the minds of voters who are watching.”

Then she added that Democrats “have to be a little nervous” about if it isn’t Biden.

That’s when Turner jumped in.


Jeff Nussbaum, former Biden speechwriter, said the argument for someone “new” isn’t a “winning argument.”

Spiritual expert and bestselling author Marianne Williamson announced her intention to run for the Democratic nomination on Thursday.

Biden has not formally announced his re-election bid for 2024, but the White House has repeatedly stated it is his “intention to run.”

According to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden intends to run for re-election in 2024. 

The political environment today is one of apprehension and trepidation. The left is struggling to keep its head above water, while we on the right prepare for war. Figuratively speaking of course. Despite any poised appearance the left might be able to keep up, behind the scenes there is a growing sense of unease; many are unsure if they have a strong enough candidate or any hope of competing in the election. Even more concerning is the fact that Turner, who is not known for promoting debates, may be their sanest opinion on that panel as she at least pretends to care about debate. 

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