The Shocking Truth About Biden’s Attack On American Kitchens

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 The Biden administration’s woke mob agenda has taken an insane tactic of attempting to limit gas range availability with a ridiculous rule!

This political manipulation reveals the ugly truth about government overreach and its impact on our daily lives. The fight for energy independence and consumer choice is essential as we battle against this woke mob and liberal agenda.

Epoch Times reports, Department of Energy (DOE) efficiency proposals would prevent half of current gas cooking appliances from entering the US market.

For all gas cooking tops, the DOE proposed a maximum annual gas consumption of 1,204 thousand British thermal units, or EL 2. As a result, only half of the current appliances on the market would meet the new standard if that rule is finalized.

A DOE report stated that nearly half of the gas cooking top market currently achieves EL 2 and would be unaffected by the proposed standard.

In its previous analysis published on February 1, the department excluded certain types of gas cooking tops. The new analysis includes gas cooking tops with high input rate (HIR) burners.

According to DOE, all products with HIR can meet the new standard, thus expanding the market share of qualified products.

In a statement the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers stated “They have released the most stringent proposal for gas ranges, which only a sliver of the market can meet, It’s very concerning what they’re doing with gas products. We believe that there should be consumer choice and that consumers should be able to make a decision on whether they would like to purchase a gas or electric product.”

According to the AHAM, the proposed regulation may have much worse effects than the DOE predicted, they stated “What we believe is that products right now in the market would need significant redesign in order to meet the proposed levels”

A rulemaking process was initiated by the DOE in 2014 regarding potential regulation of gas cooking tops, and standards were proposed in September 2016. The 2016 standard sets the maximum annual gas consumption at 924.4 kBtu.

The Energy Department of former President Donald Trump, however, halted the rulemaking process in December 2020.

Several organizations, including environmental groups and blue states, filed two separate lawsuits in an attempt to force the Trump administration to regulate gas cooking tops.

In both cases, AHAM was one of the plaintiff intervenors.

A U.S. district judge ordered the DOE to issue regulations on conventional cooking products by January 31, 2024, or determine that no regulations are necessary.

A proposed rule was released by the Biden administration on Feb. 1.

The Biden Administration’s proposed initiative to block half of current gas range models from the US market is yet another example of woke mob mentality and liberal agenda. It is an insane tactic that has no sound logic behind it. This kind of destructive political manipulation can only do serious damage to both the economy and American families. It serves as a stark reminder of how far the woke mob and government officials are willing to go in order to forward their radical ideologies, no matter the cost.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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