Breaking News: CNN Admits Its Left-Wing Agenda, Attempts To Win Back GOP Viewers

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CNN’s recent attempts to win back conservative viewership is a desperate plea from the failing network.

After long being lambasted as “fake news” and a biased, left-wing news outlet, it seems that the tide of opinion may never turn back for them – at least in the minds of many conservatives. 

Hannity reports, there has been a change at CNN, and they want you to know that it has changed for real this time. Just ignore the other times they said they changed…. of course.

CNN’s long journey back to the center continues with more GOP guests and conservative personalities being welcomed by Discovery boss David Zaslav, and CNN CEO Chris Licht.

Zaslav stated “We are already seeing a more inclusive range of voices and viewpoints, as demonstrated last month, when over 70 Republicans came on our air during their congressional speaker election process, a first in a very long time, and we intend to continue advancing on this balanced strategy,”

A number of changes have been made at CNN over the last year, including an overhaul of its programming lineup, the relaunch of its morning show, the firing of longtime anchor Brian Stelter and a series of layoffs.

CNN’s primetime lineup on Friday nights now includes a segment from HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” under Licht’s direction. According to reports, the network has also approached NBA legend Charles Barkley about hosting.

CNN This Morning’s revamp has failed to resonate with viewers so far, as multiple outlets reported that Lemon and co-anchor Poppy Harlow have clashed, after Don Lemon accused Poppy Harlow of interrupting him on air on multiple occasions. 

Last week, Lemon sparked an uproar by saying that 51-year-old Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley “isn’t in her prime.” He has returned to “CNN This Morning” after a three-day absence.

Funny enough, on the days that Don Lemon was absent from the show, viewership of “CNN This Morning” spiked by 5%.

Despite countless desperate pleas to cover their tracks, it’s clear to any unbiased viewer that CNN’s long standing reputation of being a biased, failing network is still intact. Even with their ‘latest’ change, they’ve simply caved into the pressure from viewers and pundits to display some semblance of balance. Many of us on the right have gone as far as to say that CNN is straight up ‘fake news,’ and with the continued threats from conservative voices such as Donald Trump about putting an end to their liberal agenda, it seems that what we once called a news network might be facing its final days.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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