Hostin’s Book Burning Brigade: Wealthy Privilege Doesn’t Stop Her from Pushing Marxist Agenda

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The conversation of oppression is an alarming one for many, especially here in America. As a result, although privilege and opportunity exists in our nation but available to all American, some are simply unable to see beyond what they deem as oppressive acts. This cognitive dissonance is difficult to reconcile, especially considering it’s usually the 1% among us – like Sunny Hostin – doing the most complaining!

While it might be extremist  to accept the oft-touted idea that in America anyone can achieve their dreams, Sunny Hostin’s recent commentary has suggested otherwise. During a conversation on The View, she alluded to wealthy individuals like herself being oppressed despite apparently leading opulent lifestyles and having access to resources many can only dream of. While her sentiment is not uncommon, it appears more as an attempt to normalize anti-American ideologies and continues a trend of reinterpreting actual reality.

News buster reports, apparently, you can be a multi-millionaire whose family vacations take them to Martha’s Vineyard and Sag Harbor, are married to an orthopedic surgeon in New York City, and be a co-host of the “top-rated” daytime talk show and still be “oppressed.”

In a discussion about censoring influential literature as well as the debunked assertion that black history was being erased, Sunny Hostin, The View’s racist co-host, wanted viewers to believe that.

Roald Dahl’s and Ian Fleming’s recent rewrites were in dispute. Among the cast members, Hostin stood out as the one who was adamantly in favor of censoring literature, suggesting that she is a good arbitrator in such cases.

She announced in opposition to Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, and Alyssa Farah Griffin, “I’m going to disagree.”. Even though she claims to be a “huge” Bond fan, Hostin argued for censoring the Bond novels:

Goldberg, however, was staunchly opposed to censoring the N-word and even warned against it. She said, “that was part of how we identified ourselves…The bottom line is: if we say it has to be removed from all the literature, that includes our literature.”

She continued about censorship in general, “Y’all got to stop this. Just put a disclaimer…Kids should have the right to read how people think so that they know how to make the change.”

Poor Sunny, it is truly tragic watching her have to endure such horrid oppression with all the money she has. The worst part of this situation was Whoopie being the only sensible one on the show at that moment. It’s important to remember that no one owns any word; if you open up a dictionary today, you won’t find any ownership disclaimers beside any of the words. We can only hope that Sunny won’t have to suffer more of this prejudice in the future and that those on the show will learn their lesson – words do not belong just to any one culture.

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Next News Network Team

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