Senator Tim Scott Exposes The Left’s Agenda Of Victimhood And Despair

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Senator Tim Scott has recently come under the spotlight for his vocal opposition to liberal agendas, and it would seem that he is one of the only brave enough to take on the dangerous ideologies held by Democrats today. 

From their push for identity politics, to victimhood, liberal ideals seek to divide Americans and foster a state of fear and despair – all part of their appalling agenda.

Daily Wire reports, the message that Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina wants to convey to Americans before a possible presidential run in 2024 is that the left’s vision is a grievance-based one.

On Fox News Sunday, Scott made the comments during an interview with Shannon Bream.

The fact that Scott has not officially declared that he will run for president may suggest that’s what he intends to do.

USA Today reports, in a recent trip to Iowa, the state of the first-ever Republican caucuses, the 57-year-old South Carolina senator teased a possible White House bid in 2024.

He spoke about growing up poor and segregated with a grandfather who dropped out of school to pick cotton in the third grade.

In the past, Scott has publicly spoken out about the negative impact racism has had on his personal life. While in Iowa, he said those circumstances didn’t stop him from eventually becoming a conservative member of Congress.

In Scott’s speech at Drake university he stated “I can go as high as my character, my education, and my perseverance will take me, I bear witness to that. I testify to that.”

Scott’s visit to Iowa raised a massive speculation on whether or not he will run for President.

In the spotlight recently for opposing liberal agendas, Sen. Tim Scott shows that he is among the rare breed elected to oppose dangerous ideologies and agendas held by the Democrats. Identity politics, victimhood and other forms of nefarious plans can only serve to further divide Americans and create hopelessness throughout our culture. One would assume that Senator Scott’s aim is to bring truth and identity back into dialogue in our nation, but also heal divisions and embrace the ideology of unity within our country, instead of focusing on characteristics that separate us. His recent trip to Iowa was quite possibly driven by a yet unnamed motivation as there are now conversations about him running for President in 2024 – a demonstration of his ambition, character, education, and determination for this country’s future.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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