The Shocking Truth About Biden’s Appointee And His Radical Ties

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Despite promises to strengthen the economy and bring about an end to wars overseas, Biden has been unable to control rampant inflation, declining job numbers, growing international crises, and a number of scandals that have seen no real resolution, it appears that all of Biden’s appointees so far do not have a clue as to what they are doing.

After Keisha Lance Bottoms failed at her job as the Director of Public Engagement, Biden is bringing in yet another former Mayor to help his administration figure out what they are doing. 

Daily caller reports, in place of former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Joe Biden appointed Stephen Benjamin, the former mayor of Columbia, South Carolina, to serve as senior adviser and director of public engagement.

In a statement Biden announced that Keisha Lance Bottoms will be returning to spend time with her family “Under Keisha’s leadership, the Office of Public Engagement has kept equity at the heart of our agenda and continues to serve as the connective tissue between our Administration and everyday Americans who may not have a voice to reach Washington otherwise. I have leaned on Keisha as a close advisor with exceptional instincts, and I am grateful to her for serving our nation with honor and integrity,”

Under the Biden administration, the Office of Public Engagement “works at the local, state, and national levels to ensure community leaders, diverse perspectives, and new voices have the opportunity to inform the work of the President in an inclusive, transparent and responsible way,” the statement read.

As a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta Affordable Housing Advisory Council, Benjamin served as president of the US Conference of Mayors and the African American Mayors Association.

There was another high level swap made in Biden’s administration recently.

Daily caller reports, Biden recently announced Walsh’s resignation as Labor Secretary, making him the president’s third cabinet departure since taking office.

In a statement released from the White House Walsh’s resignation reading “Marty Walsh is one tough union chief. His record at the Department of Labor is a testament to the power of putting a card-carrying union member in charge of fighting for American workers. Marty has gone to bat for working families every day, and with his help, this administration has helped workers recover from a historic economic downturn and launch a new era of worker power”

While Walsh’s departure date and where he will go next were not mentioned in the statement, reports indicate he will lead the NHL Players’ Association. Walsh’s replacement was not announced by Biden.

President Joe Biden’s appointment of Stephen Benjamin as senior adviser and director of public engagement has been received by many with mixed emotions. On one hand, there is hope that Benjamin can bring a fresh perspective to the Office of Public Engagement and further experience into the President’s decision-making processes. However, there are others who criticize Biden for turning a blind eye to the current economic crisis, inflation and foreign wars, suggesting that instead of making personnel changes he should instead focus on correcting what they believe to be his failed policies. For now, only time will tell under Benjamin’s leadership if these policies have a lasting positive impact on the nation going forward.

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