Bipartisan Senators Demand Action After Toxic Train Derailment

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The tragedy of the toxic train derailment in Ohio has brought about a call for action from bipartisan senators, who are determined to hold polluters accountable.

Making national headlines recently, the East Palestine Derailment incident serves as an alarming reminder of failure by both Democrats and the EPA to protect its citizens. Despite their promises to look after the environment, their hypocrisy is undeniable; the indiscriminate dumping of toxic waste has created a public health hazard that cannot be ignored. 

Townhall reports, as a result of a train derailment on February 3rd that released toxic chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio senators Sherrod Brown and JD Vance — one Democrat and one Republican — have found another moment of bipartisan agreement. They are demanding officials begin health screenings for East Palestine residents.

Presently there has been a massive effort to have independent testing in and around East Palestine, as people rightfully do not trust the government to do it truthfully.

In an effort to “establish a medical baseline from which to track any negative health outcomes that may result from the exposure to chemicals released by the Norfolk Southern derailment,” Ohio senators requested that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) begin voluntary screenings “as soon as possible.”

In a joint letter to EPA Administrator Michael Regan and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, the senators explain that “multiple constituents” have tried to get such baseline testing done through their usual primary care doctors in the community, but that “their local doctors lack the capability.”

In the absence of such testing, doctors have warned that residents of East Palestine will be unable to identify potential longer-term negative health outcomes.

A resident from East Palestine told reporters the situation is complex, and they are not being told the whole story.

In a letter addressed to the CDC Ohio’s U.S. senators note that they “solicited a professional opinion” from Professor Kyle Walsh of Duke University’s School of Medicine and Professor Glenn Talaska of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Medicine. “Their professional opinion advises the immediate initiation of a health survey of residents in the affected region,”.

The two Senators finished the letter stating “those who call East Palestine home deserve to know if their health has been compromised by this disaster now and for years to come” They then issued a call to action “across the federal government to allocate the resources and expertise needed to begin the surveys and assessment” of the current condition of residents.

The failure of the EPA and CDC to conduct health screenings for those affected by the toxic wasteland created by the Norfolk Southern derailment is an absolute travesty. Senators Brown and Vance are rightfully demanding that justice needs to be done and accountability held for this failure. They must ensure that these agencies do their job properly and take responsibility for the situation in East Palestine. It’s unacceptable that residents have had to wait so long without any aid, or answers as to what this could mean for their future health. Now more than ever it is clear that there needs to be justice for those impacted – and Ohio senators are doing what they can to make sure of it.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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