YES! Hageman Tears Into ‘Eco-Grief’ Training As Ridiculous ‘Woke Workshop’ Uncovered

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Fed up with yet another policy created without input from the people funding it, a freshman Congresswoman is coming down hard on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over a recently exposed woke training policy within the federal agency. Trust me when I say that this is something you definitely don’t want to miss!

Republican Wyoming Rep. Harriet Hageman said Tuesday during remarks on the House floor that the Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service’s “eco-grief” training is yet another example of “wokeism’s insanity.”

Those in the Southwest who feel traumatized or lost due to climate change can participate in the Interior Department’s eco-grief workshop, The Washington Times reported.

The class will provide staffers with an opportunity to define ecological grief, examine their emotions, and learn tools to cope with them, the agency said in a note to Southwest region employees. “Finding ways to act while caring for yourself” will be the goal for those who sign up.

The notice said, “This 4-hour workshop seeks to normalize the wide range of emotional responses that conservationists experience while empowering participants to act while taking care of themselves. The workshop is intended for those experiencing ecological grief and for those who wish to support them.”

Rep. Hageman called on Congress to put an end to eco-grief counseling, citing its waste of taxpayer money.

Sharing her remarks on Twitter, Congresswoman Haegman added, ““Eco Grief” is nothing more than a made-up condition and part of a larger-scale assault on not only common sense, but also on American energy and American food production.”

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s recent implementation of an eco-grief training program is just that latest example of liberal nonsense slowly taking over the federal government in all aspects. Representative Harriet Hageman is not having it though, taking direct aim at the department’s wokeism insanity. This embarrassing training implementation is yet another illustration of how liberal thinking has granted us a generation of softies who need someone to hold their hand on every endeavor they embark upon and provide cry closets for every minor inconvenience.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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