Biden LAUGHS at Mourning Mother – Then UNTHINKABLE Words Spill From KJP’s Lips

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This week, President Biden was caught on camera laughing about a mother whose sons had recently passed away from the deadly drug fentanyl. That’s right – instead of showing sympathy or respect to her mourning process, the President chose laughter. As if this moment wasn’t shocking enough, shortly thereafter his press secretary took it one step further by saying something that left everyone in utter disbelief.

Rebecca Kiesslin, a mother who lost both of her sons to fentanyl, testified on Capitol Hill earlier this week. As a result, she called on Congress and the White House to treat the situation as a war. 

During remarks at a Democratic conference in Baltimore, President Joe Biden, “Mr. Empathy,” listened to her pleas and laughed about them.  

In remarks later that night and on Fox News on Thursday morning, the mother responded to Biden’s sick comments. 

And here’s how she responded on Fox News Thursday morning. 

The behavior of Biden was also deemed disgusting and pathetic by others. Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn was one of the many who called on Biden to apologize immediately to the mother. 

On Thursday, Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was confronted about her boss’ comments, to which she defended. 

President Joe Biden’s sickening reaction to Rebecca Kiesslin’s plea for help from Congress and the White House to treat the deadly fentanyl crisis as a war was completely unacceptable. His decision to laugh at her mourning process shows he had no sympathy, respect or compassion for the situation; making it clear that he is a terrible commander in chief. Biden should be shamed for his abhorrent behavior, as well as his own press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, who still tried to defend him for his monstrous comments. All in all, this unfortunate incident reinforces an already sickening and unacceptable reality of our current president.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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