BREAKING: Jill Biden SLIPS – Accidentally Reveals Who the REAL Commander in Chief is!

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Did you hear the news? It appears that Jill Biden may have just revealed to the world who is actually in charge of the United States of America – and, SHOCKER, it’s not her husband! While chatting with a reporter on a recent overseas trip, the First Lady seemed to let slip an unexpected deal of information that suggests Joe Biden is not actually in charge of the free world at all. 

Jill Biden told CNN she provides her husband, Joe Biden, with a “good balance” of insight.

In an interview with CNN during her recent trip to Africa, she claimed she offers the president a “good balance” of insights and advice. First lady Jill Biden pointed out that she sees what Joe doesn’t because she’s a full-time teacher at a community college, and she’s also on the street every day.

As one person noted on Twitter, Jill Biden’s confession that she offers her husband a “good balance” of what she calls “insight” raises the question who really is running this country.

Another person commented, “Doctor Jill wants to be the First Lady so badly that she would put her disabled and deteriorating husband through a political campaign for what… she is either hungry for power or in the absence of her husband’s mind is now the protector of her family’s ongoing crime business.”

And another added, “She has never said that she is an adviser. They would have gotten a bigger smile out of her if they asked if she was the puppeteer in charge.”

And this person quipped, “Jill Biden’s advice to Joe is to help him choose which toppings he wants on his pizza, and then she just orders what she likes anyway because Joe wouldn’t know the difference.”

It appears that the First Lady may have let slip an unexpected detail that definitely creates some cause for concern. Could it be that Joe Biden is not actually calling the shots after all, and instead, doing whatever his wife tells him to do? Amid Joe’s unsettling scenario given his advancing age and ongoing signs of cognitive decline, it does raise questions about whether or not he’s being taken advantage of regarding bigger decisions and his wife’s personal motives.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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