Political Views Targeted: Greene Victim of Insane Woman’s Rage!

In yet another example of woke mob tactics, liberal extremist mobs attacked Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene at a restaurant for her conservative beliefs.
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In yet another example of woke mob tactics, liberal extremist mobs attacked Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene at a restaurant for her conservative beliefs.

Democrats’ hidden agenda is revealed in this news; woke mobs demand conformity and cancel anyone who doesn’t conform to their ideals. In their lack of courtesy, the woke mob shows how desperate Democrats have become to push forward their agenda of persecution and censorship.

NBC News reports, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., said she was attacked in a restaurant on Monday.

In a tweet, Greene related her experience “I was attacked in a restaurant tonight by an insane women and screamed at by her adult son. They had no respect for the restaurant or the staff or the other people dining or people like me who simply have different political views. They are self righteous, insane, and completely out of control. I was sitting at my table, working with my staff, and never even noticed these people until they turned into demons. People used to respect others even if they had different views. But not anymore. Our country is gone.”

Her tweet did not include the name of the restaurant or evidence to support her claim, nor did she publicly elaborate on the matter afterward. There are no online photos or videos of the incident.

However the most unlikely of people came to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s defense on being attacked in public.

Nick Dyer, Greene’s deputy chief of staff released a statement on the incident saying ” After a woman finished dinner, she came over to their table and introduced herself politely at first before she started berating Greene, he said, adding that the woman’s adult son began screaming expletives at the top of his lungs and came closer to the table. I had to get in between him and the table because I had no clue what he’d do” Dyer added that the son continued screaming while his mother “continued to berate” Greene.

The left often states that the conservatives are the dangerous ones, and they often forget that they have caused people to become more confrontational. Who can forget what Maxine Waters said about confronting members of Trump’s cabinet.

Greene has received threats in the past, including some pretty insane tactics to attempt harm on her and her family.

A man pleaded guilty to leaving threatening voicemails at Greene’s congressional office earlier this month. A series of seven messages from Joseph Morelli, 51, told Greene that he would show her what violence is and threatened to pay someone to crack her with a baseball bat.

Defendant Morelli faces up to five years in prison on three counts of transmitting interstate threatening communications, according to his attorney. Greene’s Rome home in Georgia was the scene of two false shooting reports in August, which police described as a dangerous “swatting” incident in which callers wanted police to rush to the scene in heavily armed SWAT gear.

This is just the latest example of the liberal tactics of cancel culture and extremism. There is no courtesy or respect anymore, even for those who have different political views. Our country has been taken over by woke mobs who are determined to cancel anyone who doesn’t agree with them. But even worse is that the Democrat party is the one flat out telling people to confront others who are not of the same mindset as them. The left has repeatedly downplayed the summer of love protests, which caused billions of dollars in damage, and called them “Mostly Peaceful”. The left remained silent on the man who attempted to un-alive Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and they are doing the same thing when protestors came for MTG. This absurdity needs to end. America needs to be normal again.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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