Fury After Joe Biden Makes ‘False’ Segregation Remark – The Real Story Behind His Black Church Claim

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Joe Biden has been running with the Democratic Party for a good while now, yet many viewers feel his relationship with the Black Community is suspect. Although he claims to have fought in civil rights, can we believe him? Biden insists he was an active part of America’s civil rights movement, however many of us are remembering it differently. What’s the truth here?

Twitter users have accused President Joe Biden of lying about his involvement in the desegregation movement during his younger years. During a recent White House event in honor of Black History Month, President Biden made some remarks that seemed to suggest having attended both Catholic Mass and a local Black church service on Sundays when he was younger. The incident quickly gained traction on Twitter as many began to question the truthfulness of the claim.

Fox News reports, Twitter users accused President Joe Biden of lying about his involvement in the desegregation movement and visiting Black churches as a young man.

When the 46th president spoke at a recent White House event in honor of Black History Month, he went on a tangent about attending Catholic Mass early on Sunday morning and then heading over to a local African American church.

During his speech, Biden explained how familiar he is with Black Christian hymns. The clip was shared by the RNC Research account.

In addition to Biden’s recent claims, Fox News Digital reported that he regularly attended Black churches when he was younger, which it described as “questionable.”

Biden claimed during his 2020 presidential campaign that he helped organize anti-segregation protests at Union Baptist Church in Delaware, but Fox cited longtime church members saying at the time they did not recall Biden attending the church.”

A number of Twitter users blasted Biden for the questionable story, accusing him of flat-out lying.

In a tweet, digital strategist Greg Price ripped into the president via Twitter: “Biden once again claims that he was ‘involved in the civil rights movement’ and that he’d ‘go down to the black church and plan what we’re gonna do in terms of desegregation.’ Literally none of that is true. All complete debunked lies.”

Here’s a short clip of Biden debunking his own lies.

Joe Biden’s recent posturing as a champion of civil rights does not match up with his past actions in the Senate. While Biden claims to have been a civil rights big shot, his stance on Justice Thomas’ confirmation also suggests otherwise. It was Biden who led the charge against confirming the conservative judge, despite his undeniable qualifications. Then Biden compounded this hypocrisy by supporting the tough-on-crime measures of the 80s that resulted in so many black Americans being locked up. These two episodes reveal Biden’s shaky commitment to civil rights, and makes us question why he has chosen to present himself as an enlightened leader.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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