What Just Happened? NYC Mayor Eric Adams Defies Radical Left’s Anti-Faith Agenda

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In a daring move, New York City Democrat Mayor Eric Adams is standing up for founding fathers’ ideals and religious freedom unlike any other liberal leader has done before.

With unwavering integrity, God’s guidance, and the founding principles of faith, freedom, and family in his mind, Adams dares to question the left’s agenda of removing God from society.

Daily caller reports, it’s embarrassing when New York City’s Democratic Mayor Eric Adams has stronger spine than most Republican leaders, as the GOP is traditionally known for being the party of faith, freedom, and family.

Ingrid Lewis-Martin, Adams’ chief adviser, introduced the mayor Tuesday during an interfaith breakfast, saying the administration does not believe it must “separate church from state.”

In addition, Adams said the next generation is being destroyed because they lack “some level of faith and belief.”

Leftists rebuked him, claiming his comments were unconstitutional due to the “separation of church and state.”

However, there is no constitutionally mandated separation of church and state.

Jefferson wrote a letter in 1802, known as the “Danbury Baptist Letter,” in which he assured religious leaders the government would not encroach upon their religious liberties.

It is impossible to argue that Jefferson or any of the Founding Fathers wanted a Godless society or government. While the founders did not advocate for a theocracy, they also did not omit their faith in their work.

However, Democrats and Republicans have heavily relied on a few Supreme Court cases that cited Jefferson’s phraseology as irrefutable proof that the founders intended some separation of church and state.

There can be a separation between the state and the church as an institution, but there shouldn’t be one between the state and God.

The lack of integrity and faith in our society today has incited Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat from New York City, to call out politicians for not having the same strength and conviction as the founding fathers. He is absolutely right — what is happening today would be abysmal to the founding fathers who believed religion was necessary for morality and principles. History has shown that God, family and freedom to faith were integral parts of conservatism so it’s disconcerting to note Republicans do not stand behind this traditional belief system which is so clearly needed. It’s time that politicians of all walks of life had the courage Adams shows; we need leaders that bring back religious values and uphold them with enthusiasm, if we ever expect our society to reach the same excellence achieved by our founding fathers.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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